Sometimes change feels scary to go through…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Distinguishing between the true ME and the identities or aspects
of my personality that are trying to protect me
gives me some solace.

Jennifer Hough

What part of us is scared of change? It’s the part that has to die for the expanded version to become the new YOU, able to sustain the dream you’re dreaming.

The true infinite soul of us does not die, so YOU are not afraid to die. It’s the part of you that feels comfy, familiar and predictable that’s afraid. Personally, distinguishing between the true ME and the identities or aspects of my personality trying to protect me gives me some solace, lessening my need for courage.

On the other hand, what is this internal need to follow my heart?
To make dreams/imaginings/potential creations come to reality?
Do you feel that? Am I alone here? I don’t think so.

In times of great change, when there is so much polarity and fascinating differences of opinion, people are catalyzed to create anew, to build bridges, to break glass ceilings and come up with ideas to bring flow and harmony. So, we’re constantly in a state of becoming. You might think: “Well, why can’t we just be satisfied with what is”?

Sure, it’s a sane way to be and, indeed, brings about the most fluid path for visionaries. The equation goes like this: “Be thrilled with what exists, yet truly in anticipation of what inevitably is to come.” It’s the perfect state for fluid, expanding lives but, eventually, the need to create sneaks up on us.

I choose to be curious about the unknown. Sometimes it’s hard to remain curious on subjects I’ve invested a great deal in, like my career or my marriage, without some drama when fear of change really messes with these major parts of my life. So, it’s back to being ‘curious on the adventure’. Being calmly curious and not kicking and screaming when life changes are presenting, is the way to be.

It’s especially challenging as we move through the evolutions in who we are, not knowing where they’re leading or who we’re becoming!

Falling in love with the adventure of life will transcend the need for courage. The entire Universe is evolving and spiraling forever towards more flow and creativity and we are made of those atoms. It’s inevitable. Resistance to change is truly futile!

As for me, I’m continuing to create systems and tools to embody my evolutions. I’m going to carry on assisting others in finding their ability to flow because the world needs pioneers of change. People who change with the changes, are the pioneers of a new tomorrow. If you’re still with me, reading, I’m thinking that’s you!

I love you, my fellow Unicorns.

With love,

P.S. The pic above is of some young ladies in Peru, helping us ‘change’ our hair and they were experts!



We all project our way of being on others here and there…

We all project our way of being on others here and there…

It’s interesting that visionaries are terrific at seeing the big picture but, sadly, not always great at building bridges so others can share their visions for the future of their business, projects, families and dreams. It’s frustrating for others that don’t see life in the same way.

As a visionary, I find it frustrating because sometimes, we can’t understand why others don’t see our future vision and sometimes judge colleagues unfairly.

In the past, I’ve had to deal with this in TWA. My brain is naturally wired for the big picture, which is no better or worse, just a different way of being. Sometimes, though, we visionaries unhelpfully project our way of thinking onto others, assuming they see what we see, leaving them feeling they didn’t get the memo about the way forward.

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‘Or betters’ are what happen when we…

‘Or betters’ are what happen when we…

‘Or betters’ present frequently when we simply remember ourselves as the embodied intention of everything we’ve ever lived in any life. They manifest when we remember our free will to choose, realizing our trajectory is the result of every past life, every desire, and every prayer you have ever prayed.

‘Or betters’ happen when you live like control is overrated. Understanding the resources of the omnipotent and omniscient Creation will deliver for you so far beyond anything your lovely (please don’t hate me) pea brain can intend is key. Your brain only accesses your history, the programs you learnt in school and paradigms you’ve created through the years, and who wants to ‘rinse and repeat’ that again?

Your greater Wisdom is constantly dancing with the trajectory you are on. You’re a living intention, without ever needing to use your brain to intend. Infinite Wisdom is in a dance with you, responding to your every thought and, perhaps ever more, to your actions. It’s responding to your life’s purpose. The thing is, you can’t mentally intend your way to an awesome life.

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Getting back into flow … and what it takes.

Getting back into flow … and what it takes.

So often in the past, I’ve let myself become overly excited about the possibilities in my life. Equally, sometimes I have and still do let my mind run away with scary possible futures, or at least they feel scary in the moment. Either way, if I let my emotional reaction run away from me, it takes me out of my presence.

At the moment, I’m looking at my body and health and I feel that my body could be more fit than ever! This could also apply to my business, relationship, money or even my dog! Recently, I’ve caught myself becoming too involved in my emotions about the future, taking me out of the present moment where the redirections, clarity and expansive solutions are.

It used to be extremely hard to get myself back to neutral. I’m so blessed that it’s not really a roller coaster anymore but more an expansive ride forward, up and out. I’ve found that the shorter the time I spend being involved in or fascinated by my emotions, or my reaction to opinion about what’s going on, the more quickly I’ll receive answers and solutions.

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