“Seek to understand… then everyone will win.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

When you start speaking from your heart, asking for clarity, and sprinkling fairy dust wherever you go, you will notice that some things may come up, and you’ll notice people may judge you (okay, that’s really not quite accurate… actually, people WILL judge you).

Your protective mechanism may be to judge them back. Probably not very productive, right? Plus, everyone ends up feeling really bad… so what is there to do?

In the words of St. Francis, “seek to understand” when the timing feels right. Take 5, call a time-out, then pick up the phone and have the conversation. “Seek to understand” what happened, while exercising your right to listen without the need to defend yourself. After all, the world can only find its way back to the light, one by one. And it starts with YOU.

On behalf of myself and my 7.5 billion friends, thank you for having the courage.

Love you!



P.S. Damn, you are powerful, you world changer, you. Just Saying.

P.S.S. You will never be able to resolve every act of judgment, so find your way back to love with the ones that seem to be obvious… all in divine timing… know that life will bring you the opportunities… so relax.