Years ago, I would unconsciously go through my December, acting like it’s a month like any other, and someone just plopped some holidays at the end of it. It wasn’t until I understood that we are all sending and receiving photon packages of light from our bodies, based on what we are going through in our lives, and our perceptions, that I got the importance of being “fully awake” in flow, and listening for what life is telling us this month.

Consider that for billions of people:

  1. There is sorrow and sadness from loss of family.
  2. There is the birth of a religious leader who represents unconditional love and compassion.
  3. The hopes for this year that were either surpassed or not accomplished, and the judgment that comes from that.
  4. A New Moon of renewal, and a full moon of completion gets amplified.
  5. The past gets drummed up, including all the unsaid, unresolved patterns from family… and mourning what may never be, and celebrating what is.

There is a significance to this final month of the year for most of the world, in that we get to complete the intentions for this year (whether you formally declared them or not), and clean the slate of residue to prepare for a new creation the next year.  

How do you know what is waiting to be cleared out?  

How do you know your best use of this energy shift in December?  

How can you possibly stay out of the drama of the season, and stay in your flow?  

How do you not get affected by the billions of people who feel a victim to their families, their finances, and unrest at this time of year?  

Well, that’s what you’ll begin to understand in this video I created, so we can all be present to what’s going on this glorious month, and then learn three (3) important tools to help.

Last week, we did a monthly Wake-Up Call, all about Cleaning the Slate of 2018, and energetically preparing for and activating your DNA for 2019; “The Year of Being Who you Are, And Letting it Rip.”

If there is one Monthly Wake-Up Call to listen to, this is the one.

Listen to the replay by clicking the button below.

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Are you ready to clear the decks and truly become your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth in 2019? December 13th’s Monthly Wake-Up Call was all about the possibility of your becoming, and the clearing of everything that was meant to leave in 2018.


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