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“We put on the brakes by playing the safety game.  We fly by playing the curiosity-about-our-lives game.” – Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Have you ever sabotaged yourself without even knowing it?  And sometimes you knew it and you did it anyhow?

I am also awed by the degree of freedom, assistance, flow and opportunity that is made possible when we take our collective and individual feet/foot off the brakes of our lives.  I want to share some of the ways, on this journey of Awakening, that we can take ourselves out of second gear, and go straight to 6th. Oh, and how to prevent the resistance in the first place!

This concept is particularly evident for me this week, having just come off an amazing conversation with our Flight School group. I am always awed by the vulnerability and courage of our clients like you.  Heck, I’m awed by my courage, but honestly I feel as though assisting others necessitates that I am constantly letting go of safety mechanisms. Comfort is so overrated when we can fly!

Brakes shmakes.

Here’s how we put the brakes on.  See if you recognize yourself (and, by the way, I humbly share this, knowing full well that I got the t-shirt, having done most of these ‘brake-putting-onning’ techniques in the past… LOL):

THINKING WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS ALONE:  Why would we… it’s so much slower.

THINKING THAT AWAKENING IS AN EVENT, VERSUS A WAY OF LIFE:  An amazing belief system if you want to step AWAY FROM your natural flow as a Creator.  Everything in life is constantly expanding…. be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

GIVING POWER AWAY TO GURU’S:  As though we are less than. That’s impossible.  Creation doesn’t make mistakes… you cannot be less than. You are only a compliment to the whole.

So how the heck can we take our feet off the brakes when we’ve had so much practice protecting ourselves, and being independent?  So glad you asked…. LOL.

Here are some suggestions:

GET YOURSELF REALLY TIRED OF DOING IT ALONE, AND TRYING TO PROVE YOURSELF:  Start including the genius and input of others

OWN THAT YOU DO NOT GET LIFE DONE:  You are a creator; if you are not creating, expanding, learning or making life more fulfilling,  you are going contra your natural state. Iif we are born creators, then by definition you can never be done… so stop trying to get somewhere.

KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS MAGNETIC, SO IF YOU FIND A TEACHER WHOM YOU PERCEIVE IS A GENIUS AND MADE JUST FOR YOU… IT’S BECAUSE THEY WERE, and that you are a genius at the same level.  You are complimentary geniuses if you like. Sometimes your genius could use a little love and assistance or validation to fly and be free. You are not less than those who help you. The universe thought each and every one of us was a good idea, whether we are an inspiration or a catalyst; you will be both at different points in your life.  Just be grateful that the people who can assist you to remember yourself, got the cosmic phone call.

It’s a start.  There are so many more things to share.  But today, consider, chew on, and roll around in these points and see what resonates.

I am here with you in the spirit of “equal genius”, and my piece of the puzzle sees and acknowledges your piece of the puzzle.  

Perfectly imperfect… and loving every minute!


Author, speaker, and Awakening Coach Jennifer Hough offers some practical steps to help you step into all the possibilities that are available in 2018!