News, Schmews. And Possibility Bubble!? (Yay)

Picture Credits – Clarisse Meyer

Every once in a while I’ll get this wave of “ugh” that I feel from the world at large. Like it’s all “going to hell in a handbasket,” as my gramma would say.

Of course, this is just one of a bajillion possibilities for our collective reality. And, man, does it help me to stay in A Possibility Bubble Tribe with others who are becoming, remembering and shining their lights.

Just because that other reality gets in the news, doesn’t mean it’s more true. 😉

Of course, fighting against anything is not productive, because it goes against the laws of physics (unless, of course, you/I want more crappy stuff).

Even more so, it is through changing ourselves that the collective changes.

So when millions of us are thriving, we will reach a tipping point. And so many more of us are headed that way than are committed to arguing for limitations.

What could be more energizing than to awaken to your greatness in the good company of other amazing, inspiring individuals who get you!?

The ultimate point of this community is to be inspired and supported to fulfill each of your dreams, while knowing you have community around you to offer encouragement, tools and feedback WHILE dancing in the Thriving Operating System.

The community will thrive because each of your dreams is a piece of the puzzle in the unfolding of Heaven on Earth.

You’ve probably had a feeling that things could be moving faster, that more fulfillment is possible, and that deep connection is possible. There is a better way! I’m living it every day! You should have the exponential benefit of amazing community to keep you from distractions.

Our AOA LIFETIME members are committed to this journey, and we’ve created a space that is literally an incubator to activate who you truly are.

It is time to upgrade your thriving operating system.

Let’s create the world that we have been asking for.

With Love,


DISCOVER – Mon, July 19, 1:00pm ET

In this interactive experience you will discover the ‘Cosmic Carwash’ and 2 other game-changing tools you need to thrive in 2021.


ACTIVATE – Fri, June 25, 1:00pm ET

Join this live Q&A with Jennifer Hough for answers to your questions in a way that address you where you are and encourages you to step into your personal gifts that make you uniquely and brilliantly you.



BREAKTHROUGH – Fri, July 9, 1:00pm ET

Jennifer will use her ability to see holographically to find incongruences in your field, guide you back to your ultimate flow and heal the density in the way of thriving.



AWAKEN – Thurs, July 15, 4:00pm ET

A transformational experience that will show you how to fly forward with your purpose, prosperity, business, relationships, body and bliss in a fully integrated state.

Embody your superpowers. Amplify your unique gifts and strengths. Experience exponential growth and transformation.



EXPLORE – Mon, July 19, 1:00pm ET

Take a peek behind the curtain at the Agents of Awakening community and all of the wonderful content, courses and community conversations that are included.



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Let’s talk about FLOW…

Let’s talk about FLOW…

I wanted to share something from the depths of my heart on the subject of FLOW…

You see it’s not just about getting out of your own way. It’s about embodying the operating system for thriving. You can use skills and tools to temporarily get out of the way of your own flow, but the two are not the same thing.

I watch much of humanity asking to feel better from their situation. That’s easy enough to do. There are tools and tricks all day long to do that. Embodiment however, is a whole other animal.

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This doorway matters a lot…

This doorway matters a lot…

What if you’re just a cosmic three-year-old, Aditya, here to play with the resources on Earth, to use all of your abilities, and to expand upon the beauty that already is?

I’m not joking. I first started asking about the meaning of life when I was seven years old. A little precocious, I know, but I was wondering who we were and what the purpose of “all this” was.

What if the entire way you have done what you did now exists for all time in “the field,” and can be accessed metaphysically by all. Likewise, you are able to receive wisdom from everyone else’s experience. Pretty cool, huh?

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More of this… yes, please!

More of this… yes, please!

Two days ago, I was feeling overwhelmed in ways I cannot describe.

I love my staff, my clients, my family, but sometimes I forget two things:

(1) That carrying and caring are two very different things, and

(2) That people have their own capacity to find their way home… not my circus, not my clowns, unless they ask me for assistance.

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