Maybe this is your sign…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Consciousness can only reflect back to you where you are. It doesn’t send you signs about where to go, unless you are already a vibrational match for heading there in the current moment.
Jennifer Hough

The other day, I was driving down a road that I don’t usually take and there was a billboard that said, “God: Here’s your sign.” I laughed so hard!

So often people say to me, “I’m waiting for a sign,” to determine if they should go to this place or that place, or about a guy they are dating or about taking a holiday.

That is not the way signs work! Signs don’t validate a direction; they validate your vibration, which will tell you the direction you are already headed. If things are not working for you, that is a communication from life about where you are vibrating… and not necessarily on a specific subject, either!

Signs are reflections of the degree to which you’ve been responsible for your emotional state, and your sense of personal satisfaction and happiness.

If you are stuck, and things aren’t working and you feel hopeless, you are literally (through your choice of thought) telling the Universe that you are more interested in being miserable than getting out of your own way. You will only notice when things are not working.

It isn’t until you choose better feeling thoughts that consciousness will show you equivocal positive signs to validate your direction.

For instance, yesterday on my hike, when I realized how beautiful it was, I started to see heart rocks everywhere. The heart rocks were already there, but I only started seeing them when I was in my own heart, appreciating my surroundings. It started getting dark and I was feeling a little scared, and instantly I stopped seeing heart rocks. I got down the mountain a little more, felt safer, and I saw heart rocks again.

Here’s a little video from my hike yesterday to show you what I mean.



How many times have we forced ourselves to keep climbing or pushing forward because we stubbornly wanted to complete the climb, instead of enjoying what was in front of us?

This brings up a whole conversation about the difference between intuition and well-practiced fear, but that is for a conversation on September 27th (that is free-for-everyone!).

Join us on Monday, September 27th, at 5:00pm ET for: “State of the World and What is Possible: Navigating the Intensity While Building Bridges to a Better Tomorrow for You, Your Family, and Your Community.

(there are Activations, like-minded Community, and several FULL programs you can take), and we’ll include you in THE STATE OF THE WORLD program.

Just don’t wait for a sign, or maybe this is your sign!

Love you and see you there!

Jennifer xo

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Things are never as they seem…

Things are never as they seem…

Things are never as they seem. This picture is not a sunset but the view from Craggy Gardens in Asheville on Saturday night. It’s what the Northern Lights look like from afar down here in the South. So cool.

On Friday, I met with a dear client and friend who has serious PTSD; I have many clients who suffer with this. As there is an underlying sense of a lack of safety, people may bite or be abrupt. This may sometimes tip into what feels like meanness but is a form of self-protection.

Recently, I’ve been celebrating when I notice shifts. One, in particular, I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated or shared with you, so here goes!

This time, instead of engaging, trying to fix things, or trying to make my client feel better, I simply found neutrality. Sometimes I didn’t respond for days, or even weeks, and let it all breathe. I gave it space for higher levels to work it out. As always when there is spaciousness, it all comes back around to love.

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Stay with me on this…

Stay with me on this…

‘Or betters’ present frequently when we simply remember ourselves as the embodied intention of everything we’ve ever lived in any life. They manifest when we remember our free will to choose, realizing our trajectory is the result of every past life, every desire, and every prayer you have ever prayed.

‘Or betters’ happen when you live like control is overrated. Understanding the resources of the omnipotent and omniscient Creation will deliver for you so far beyond anything your lovely (please don’t hate me) pea brain can intend is key. Your brain only accesses your history, the programs you learnt in school and paradigms you’ve created through the years, and who wants to ‘rinse and repeat’ that again?

Your greater Wisdom is constantly dancing with the trajectory you are on. You’re a living intention, without ever needing to use your brain to intend. Infinite Wisdom is in a dance with you, responding to your every thought and, perhaps ever more, to your actions. It’s responding to your life’s purpose. The thing is, you can’t mentally intend your way to an awesome life.

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My two favorite words…

My two favorite words…

When our actions resonate with our purpose and we’re aligned with the Universe’s potential for us, it’s such an expansive feeling.

The feeling of expansiveness validates you are in flow.

The alignment with greater wisdom is translated through our body as feelings of ‘woo hoo’, ‘yes!’, goosebumps, or fun! It’s confirmation that we’re acting and thinking in line with our ‘highest and best’ life, using our skills and personality, creating in the most aligned way.

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