The Wide Awakening WeeklyFrom The Wide Awakening Weekly, Feb. 18, 2015

“Carrying others looks like worry. ‘Carrying yourself’ is the act of engaging life as though the entire Universe does not exist as you and for you, that it does not have your back and that you are alone and therefore have to worry about every little thing.”  ~ Jennifer Hough

This is the year of ending any of the carrying of others or yourself, which many don’t quite understand.

Here are some questions that will give you a clue as to whether you ‘carry’ in your life:

  • Do you sometimes find yourself taking actions that force things to go “your way” because you are on “Christi timing” instead of cosmic timing? Or are you just afraid? Or operating from an unconscious habit?
  • Do you find yourself worrying about your future, finances or direction?
  • Do you sometimes make knee-jerk decisions, without checking in to see if it’s actually in the highest (regardless of the seeming irrationality of waiting)?
  • Do you contemplate saying “NO” more often in your life? Do you often feel that you don’t put yourself first, instead of living your life just by doing what is presenting?

This year, as you live your life, just watch and notice. When you carry other people or carry yourself, it is gonna start to get really uncomfortable. Why? Because this is the year of “getting on with what you came here for.” The rubber is hitting the road. Let Infinite Wisdom show you the way. Stop manipulating Consciousness and be in integrity with yourself as well as you can be at your current state of awareness. Just apologize when you do something unaware, then make it right.

Game on. Let’s do this my friends.

With Infinite Love,

Jennifer xoxoxo