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“Let those you love know that they have ‘got this;’
that they have their own connection and their evolution is inevitable.
They are not broken and your soul does not live through their body!

The feeling you have inside of wanting to fix it is your personality
wanting to feel better YOURSELF about them.
It’s not about caring or having compassion for them.”

Jennifer Hough

I cannot emphasize enough, how important it is these days to choose your words well.


These are times when it is so easy to be taken out by the smallest conversation, the tiniest trigger, the most seemingly obscure event. The other day, I could have easily engaged someone else’s upset, and had a feeling of wanting to defend. I chose not to go there.


Because I realized that when someone in my life is having a really bad day, and I desperately want to fix it, my words and actions demonstrate and reflect my own discomfort, or that they need fixing, thus conveying to my friend/client/loved one that they are broken.

What I know as a deeper truth is to let my teammate, friend, or loved one know that they have “got this.” They have their own wisdom, and their evolution is inevitable. My soul does not live through their body! The feeling I had inside of wanting to fix it was my personality wanting to feel better MYSELF about their situation.

As for the moments where you judge someone who is in upset because they are behaving as less than themselves, just remember the feeling of frustration you have is a direct reflection of your disagreement with Greater Wisdom’s point of view about that person.

From Greater Wisdom’s point of view, they are adorable, worthy of love, and capable of anything.

The only way to guarantee a new tomorrow is to focus on the future you want, not to argue about the past that you don’t.

My dearest friends don’t judge me when I am being less than brilliant; they simply remind me of who I am and that when there is an opening, I am open to receive.

A LEADER isn’t perfect. That is not even a target that I care to aim for. I am for doing my best, and having compassion for those times when it’s all too much. And when I screw up, I just apologize.

A LEADER is self-responsible, with a healthy dose of community to support that self-responsibility. I have a posse.

Sometimes it takes a long time for me to come back around to the truth that I need to see.

When I’m off my greatest path, I feel it..

Compassion for myself is paramount, or how could I have compassion for others.

In the end, you are either in thriving mode, leading to a new tomorrow where we don’t react to each other, or in survival mode, trying to control your now to be acceptable.

You may not have thought of yourself as a leader, but you are, by how you Be in the world, with your team or in your family. You aren’t wrong if you didn’t realize this. But now, you cannot un-know it.

Your life matters. How you Be in the world matters. Respect this life. You get to be here in times of great change. It was not a mistake.

See you on the playing field!

With love and great compassion for your path (and mine),

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An insight about love from my talk last week

An insight about love from my talk last week

I understood more deeply that asking “WHY” love is not happening for you is a way to stay endlessly stuck in a cycle of intellectual examination, and evidence for your perceived lack of deservingness.

WHAT IF… all it takes is curiosity on the adventure?

After all, Life has already landed the answers to HOW loved you are, and all the various ways that it can be expressed.

WHAT IF… all it takes is vigilance for the answers that are waiting for you?

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Let’s talk about FLOW…

Let’s talk about FLOW…

I wanted to share something from the depths of my heart on the subject of FLOW…

You see it’s not just about getting out of your own way. It’s about embodying the operating system for thriving. You can use skills and tools to temporarily get out of the way of your own flow, but the two are not the same thing.

I watch much of humanity asking to feel better from their situation. That’s easy enough to do. There are tools and tricks all day long to do that. Embodiment however, is a whole other animal.

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This doorway matters a lot…

This doorway matters a lot…

What if you’re just a cosmic three-year-old, Aditya, here to play with the resources on Earth, to use all of your abilities, and to expand upon the beauty that already is?

I’m not joking. I first started asking about the meaning of life when I was seven years old. A little precocious, I know, but I was wondering who we were and what the purpose of “all this” was.

What if the entire way you have done what you did now exists for all time in “the field,” and can be accessed metaphysically by all. Likewise, you are able to receive wisdom from everyone else’s experience. Pretty cool, huh?

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