The wave of awakening frequencies were like a tsunami of what is possible sweeping through our grid system, our bodies, and our other dimensions.  All the old frequencies were dredged up from the bottom of the ocean, to be washed away.  Did you engage?  Did you stand aside and let them wash away?  OR did you wrestle with the old patterns of ‘should-ing’ on yourself?

Sometimes (and this was true for me yesterday actually) we forget that life is designed to be fluid, it is designed to have miracles be normal.  That is the way my life seems to go….and yesterday I let myself get swept away by the density and overwhelm for a few hours…..a fascinating experience.

Today however, I awoke and slowed down enough to remember that this anomalous experience yesterday is not my normal, so something must be going on in consciousness.  I say this because I want to share with you that your instincts are right….heavenly flow is normal.  When life is seemingly not going that way, that is your first clue that something else is affecting you….and you always have the power to shift how you relate to it.  When we are connected to our flow, tsumani’s don’t even affect us….we just go and grab the surf board and shout “Woo Hoo”!

Just a few things that might help:

  1. When something is off, consider the feeling you have that is overwhelm or intensity or freaked out-edness and ask yourself “Is this real or is there is something else going on”?
  2. Ask yourself “Is this mine”?
  3. Ask yourself “Is something happening in consciousness that is affecting me”?
  4. Slow down enough to bring your consciousness back behind your eyes….behind your pineal gland.  Get in the eye of the storm……..where it is quiet.
  5. Ask yourself “What is really so important”?, “Doesn’t the Universe have my back”?, “Am I really alone in this”?, “Aren’t I loved by all of Creation…..and can I allow myself to be assisted”?

Finally, if worse comes to worse, this too shall pass……….

It is not time to judge or engage or question these waves of upgrades happening on the planet…..it is time to realize that it is all happening for us…….and to be in deep appreciation from the bigger picture.

The intensity feels so strong we think it’s coming from us.  Then we try to get through it alone.  Now, if you ask some of your sensitive friends (and I’m sure many of you do) you will find out we are all feeling similar feelings and sensations at the same time.

This is a real thing, this time of awakening my friends.  These waves are a result of our asking to bring deeper harmony to our lives and therefore to the planet.  The Universe loves us so much that it responds by assisting us to upgrade and sometimes that can be a tsunami of deeper more pure frequencies.

Be gentle. Have compassion.  Do your best to flow with it.

This time of awakening is about training ourselves to get back into our hearts as best we can……..letting the heart win over the mind.

It takes practice….and with grace, and friends, and coaches and nature and programs and our higher levels….we are being supported at every turn.

It is time to let ourselves be loved.

It is time to let the whole Universe in.

It is time to no longer be alone…..we are in this together.

With love,

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