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“As each drop in the ocean changes,
the ocean itself also changes.
Jennifer Hough

I have goosies almost every morning when I wake up now. I have for all of January. I’m also watching myself feeling a little vulnerable, as the time to let this book-baby see the light of day approaches. It is a piece of me now.

I thought to myself yesterday morning, “How can I maximize the power of the book for our peeps and their friends?” Why? Because I am so impassioned by the knowledge that we can create flow, community, compassion, and evolution in the way civilization interacts, and how we treat each other and ourselves. I feel called. And the journey of embodying heavenly flow on Earth starts with us individually. As each drop in the ocean changes, the ocean itself also changes. Know what I mean?

Remember, in order to catalyze creativity, there will always be some contrast. Creativity can also come through inspiration from another, or from your greater wisdom. All of it is good and necessary. So, please don’t think that I am talking about ending contrast. It is part of the fabric of our existence. However, I am talking about transcending the need to judge contrast, give our power away to others, or give our power away to some perfectionistic ideal for ourselves that ends in self-judgment.

It’s time for those called by their hearts to come out of hiding, and stop waiting for someone else to make it better. It’s time to stop pointing fingers. Let’s just make life better.

With love,

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This is important for me to remember in these times…

This is important for me to remember in these times…

Years ago, in one of our programs, a dear client talked about a powerful story that is so relevant to what is going on in the world now… about the power and purity of a child in times of great polarity.

She went to Ireland with her family at age seven.

She is Protestant and she went to a beach community of a mainly Catholic village, when, at times, there was still tremendous infighting and violence.

While she was on the beach, a seven-year-old local, red-headed girl would come and play, building sandcastles with her.

After a few days the young Irish girl asked, “Are you Protestant?”, to which my client replied, “Yes, I am.”

The red-head then declared, “Well, I think you are lovely! I don’t understand what the grown-ups are saying.”

My client said, “Me either.”

And the red-headed girl suggested, “Maybe we should hug for a long time until the rest of the world feels it, so that they can all get along.”

My client said, “I think that is a perfect idea!”

And so the two of them hugged for a couple of minutes, hoping that maybe someone would see or feel them getting along, and loving each other despite their differences.

Do you feel them?

In a non-time/space reality, that wave is still going out into consciousness. I choose to feel it and all of its implications, right now.

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The physics of High Holidays for all religions…

The physics of High Holidays for all religions…

First and foremost, HAPPY EARTH DAY. This message is one about our emotional environment these days, because I know that how we feel impacts our motivation to give to “the Great Mother.” And, if you read through to the bottom of this email, I will show you how you can be a member of the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew. But first….

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Here’s a paradigm shift for you… We are family!

Here’s a paradigm shift for you… We are family!

When I was younger, I so wanted to feel like I belonged. I had glasses, acne, was taller than everyone, curly hair, was shy as anything, and I just felt like I wished someone “got” me and saw through the yuck.

Not to mention, I was super curious about physics, because my religion wasn’t giving me answers. Some, but not all. And there were contradictions. In High school, I used to debate spirituality with my Jehovah’s Witness friend, Nora… I still remember her. That was fun for me, since I didn’t fit in with everyone else, much like she didn’t either.

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