Grateful. Scare-cited. Heart full, and a magical conversation…

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“The same door that lets all of you out into the Universe
is the one that lets all of the Universe in.

Jennifer Hough

Grateful. Scare-cited. Tingles. Heart full. Feeling all the feels as this book comes alive. What a journey it has been.

Have you noticed that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed when the environment of the world at large is shifting so quickly, and there is so much contrast?⁠ I’ve felt it myself, and recently have had to do quite a bit more to stay grounded.

I have had to go for two walks per day, instead of one. Playing with the dog helps. And often I just phone someone I love to talk about something that we share.

A journey into unknown territory is all around us right now. We’ve never been this isolated, we’ve never had so many arguing about so much, and we’ve never had so many areas of life that need a drastic overhaul. That’s a lot of unknown.

Imagine, all of this on top of just living our lives! ⁠

It’s such a powerful time to become a master of dancing with Infinite Wisdom directly, because so much wisdom is asked of us. Quantum leaps can be made as we can stay in our hearts, and therefore stay in “the flow.” ⁠

As each drop in the ocean changes, the ocean itself also changes. Just by doing what it takes to find peace and be catalyzed to creativity instantly affects the whole of humanity. I am so impassioned by the knowledge that we can create flow, community, compassion, and evolution in the way civilization interacts, and how we treat each other and ourselves.

I feel called. And the journey of embodying heavenly flow on Earth starts with us individually.

I’m watching myself feeling a little vulnerable, as the time to let this book-baby see the light of day approaches. It is all about the idea that not only are we drops in the ocean, but we are the ocean in a drop… and being stuck is so shiftable, individually and in humanity.

With love,

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Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it can’t flow 💓…

Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it can’t flow 💓…

Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it can’t flow…

Since the beginning of 2024, I have been watching myself going through a patch where everything that wasn’t handled, cleaned up or in alignment is coming up to leave, be healed or full circled.

And these are big things, not little things… my health, and realigning with business things and love-related stuff. Yep, three major areas.

It could be overwhelming if I judged it. And trust me, it’s a lot. And it’s very real.

So how to move through these times …

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It seems scary to go through change…

It seems scary to go through change…

It seems scary to go through change. For me, just as much as anyone else.The question is, which part is scared? It’s the part that has to die for the expanded version to become the new you, able to sustain the dream you’re dreaming.

Our true infinite soul never dies, so YOU are not afraid to die, but rather the part of you that feels comfy, familiar and predictable.

Somehow, for me personally, distinguishing between the true ME and the identities (aspects of my personality) that are trying to protect me gives me a little solace and lessens my need for courage.

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Permanent shifts in your cells and what it takes…

Permanent shifts in your cells and what it takes…

The topic of shifting your default way of being, is near and dear to me because I realized I take it for granted that people fully understand it but have realized they don’t. I really appreciated a recent conversation with a member of our community. It brought home to me that most people don’t relate to permanent shifts because either they don’t believe they’re possible, or feel what they have is their lot in life.

Actually, this is where my parents were. I probably could do it a lot better, but I can’t have that, that quantum leaping thing. Do you know what I mean Aditya ?

When I look at people who effortlessly receive abundance, they seem to have the DNA of being able to dance with money in a way you’ve never experienced. How do you make that permanent shift?

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