“Consciousness has access to all of the resources that ever existed, will ever exist, and with every trajectory. That is, if you get out of the way.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Eye of the Storm

Dear You:

Who are YOU? There are many ways that question could be answered, but in reality, that there is even a “You” is an illusion.

While you do, in fact, exist… you are actually more multi-dimensional than you are three-dimensional. We are both the eye of the storm and the storm… and from this place, we are powerful enough to exist beyond it all…

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With an open heart,


Listen to Your Heart

Get yourself comfortable…

Have yourselves be fully present and accounted for.

Bring your consciousness behind your eyes, and through every one of your 75 trillion cells, and breathe.

The illusion is that there is even a “You”… there is a “You” in this dimension, but you are exponentially more multi-dimensional than you actually are three-dimensional. You simply get to play in the three-dimensional world.

Most of what you call “You,” however, actually lies in the other dimensional aspects of You; your manifestational aspects, your Guidance realms, your Angel aspects, the parts of you that understand unconditional love, your powerful connection in harmony with nature, your ability to commune directly with animals… all of these things are multi-dimensioanl abilities, and they lie in the other dimensions of what you call “You.”

But, in reality, those are all an expression that is available in consciousness, in the Universe… it’s an expression of consciousness of the Universe… of Creation. So, if you imagine that there is a huge lake, and out of that lake there are a bunch of rivers flowing out of it… everything’s available… all the water that is needed is available in the lake. But, those rivers that flow off the lake are still comprised of the same thing that the lake contains.

So, the entire Universe is contained in You, which means that… if all of consciousness is in and of everything, if all of consciousness is omnipotent and omniscient, then everything, anywhere, is also within you… and, in fact, if you would like, you could own your part in creating it. As you are a Creation, expressed in human form… if you are that, you then have the fun project… the fascinating experience available to you, of actually being both the storm, the Eye, and the person in the middle. And it’s when you own that through your own consciousness you have the capacity to drive any of those Ferrari’s… you now know that not only are you not at the whim of any of them; you are the driver of any of them, if you choose to be.

The next aspect we feel is fairly important to put forth to you, is this… that You were born with the capacity to both engage the density that the history of this world has created, the dense thought-forms that say that it’s a “dog-eat-dog world,” as Jennifer says, and, that this place is limited. There’s not enough of most good things; therefore, you have to fight over them. However, that’s ridiculous; it’s laughable… from our perspective it’s entirely laughable.

Does it make any sense at all? Because, it all is Creation, which means that it’s all infinite… which means that, if this doesn’t work, then that will. Which means that there are a hundred answers to every question; there’s a million solutions to every problem, in ways that you could never imagine, because consciousness has access to all of the resources that ever existed and ever will exist, and every trajectory. If that’s so, then there is, indeed, as was spoken earlier… always a way.

By knowing that there’s always a way, and that the access to it is actually to disengage from the drama that is around you; the Earthly drama, the economic drama, the political drama, the familial drama, the cultural drama, the religious drama, the dogma drama… all of it. If you were to just stand, as You; everything as human, Universe as human, Creation as human, just in this little package. If you were to just stand there, in the silence of that all-ness, and the quiet of pure possibility, you would actually understand that all of those solutions and answers are available, fairly readily, either by coming directly to you at your doorstep, in the subway, while you’re driving, calling customer service, whatever the case may be… it’s always been there.

When you know there’s a way, it’s much more inspiring to stand in that place, because the access to the way comes through that quiet. It comes through the ability to put everything outside of you….

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