Choose. Which way do you live?

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

Living fulfilled is not dependent on circumstances,
it is dependent on a willingness to act forward from vision
rather than backwards towards sameness.”

Jennifer Hough

Today, I wanted to share a wonderfully activating experience.

Have you ever felt as though youre on the precipice of what’s next? Like life is calling? Like there is no going back?

When my life started to look like it wasn’t headed in the direction of my vision, I started to panic. It was only my personality doing the panicking because, inside, I knew that life’s incongruencies were asking me to step up and become more. I felt inspired to head over to a nearby lake.

My mind was racing around a million worries, not least of which was the question of whether my husband would walk again? Added to that was the running of the business and keeping the house in flow, all while my family was in a health crisis.

When I’m scattered like that my body gets tense and my mind wanders away from clarity and the usual focus I have on the future I’m inspired to create.

The instant I feel that way, I follow a system which supports honoring my feelings while moving my frequency to a more optimal place. Nature does that for me.

That’s why I went to Lake Louise in Asheville. I bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun and found a tranquil spot to sit and surrender to the moment.

Instead of letting my mind race, I breathed deeply and, as I found some spaciousness in my mind, a thought emerged: “Ask the water what it has to say.” So I did. The message from the water was of constant change, just like the molecules that flow into the lake through local streams and leave through the waterfall a hundred feet from me. Nothing stays the same, everything flows.

Curious, I turned my attention to a nearby tree and it, too, was ready to impart an insight or two. Trees take in carbon dioxide and effortlessly produce oxygen which I deeply breathed in once again. Change is not only about flowing but also about shape-shifting to support the system in thriving.

I turned my face towards the sun as it was going down over the mountains, yet still sparkling on the lake. It is literally the infinite source of energy that rises each morning. It’s all right here without our needing to ask.

And finally the wind. It was strong that day, relentless, unapologetically blowing the trees and creating waves on the lake. I observed how the trees swayed, bent and danced, adapting effortlessly, never attempting to control the wind’s force. Rarely do they break, except in the face of an overwhelming hurricane.

Such is life. It happens. It flows. It moves through us. It alchemizes the old, and reveals new opportunities. We have all we need. We do not need to break, but simply test the edge of our access to resources, discovering that those resources are always in abundance.

A deep calm came upon me. I understood that everything required to not only cope, but thrive through the challenges facing me, was already present. I’m composed of the same molecules as nature itself. Transformation is inherent within me, just as it is in the world around me. It became clear I didn’t need to strive for answers or solutions. My mind was at peace within moments.

Instead, I remembered that whatever was necessary would reveal itself in due time.

We’re made of the same stuff as the rivers, trees, sun, and wind. The dance of constant change and transformation is encoded within our very being.

We knew this at birth and we came to experience these evolutions. As a result, we’ll become even more capable of leading, thriving and flourishing through anything, with energy to spare!

I went home, back in my heart, with deep clarity and, although still on the precipice of change, I’m embracing it.

It’s necessary. There’s no fear, just curiosity because I know everything I need will come.

I felt inspired to share this with you and I’m inviting you to take a moment today to tune into your nature. Remember, change isn’t something to fear because, as a creator, everything comes to you.

Thought this might help.

With all my love,,



Undistinguished ways of being…

Undistinguished ways of being…

Do you have unidentified embodied habits that drive the bus of your life?

Until we understand what it is to embody our way of operating in alignment with the laws of life, life is just a series of fix-it actions.

Embodied old, automatic operating systems disappear when the entire operating system is aligned with thriving. So, instead of fixing what doesn’t work, we actually come to a life frequency more aligned with how consciousness works. Those old patterns simply cannot exist anymore as they don’t match our new way of plugging into life.

A recent incident with my family is a great example. There are clues how to permanently get out of doing ‘the work’ of fixing our protective identities, or working so hard on repatterning.

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Righteousness in yourself and others

Righteousness in yourself and others

Righteousness in yourself and others. What does that even really mean?

It’s all over the media and throughout the political spectrum and, as a result, it is probably prevalent in some of your social circles with friends and family.

Where does it come from? Why do we get that way? How do we define it? What frees us from the need to react to it or use righteousness?

The subject of righteousness has come up for me several times in the last couple of months. I was speaking with one of my clients and we could both see so many angles on righteousness. Sometimes I can get that way, but I catch myself because it really doesn’t feel good. It also isn’t an inclusive way of speaking, and blocks fluid shifts. If you are all about making fluid shifts … well, you know.

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Why ‘doing what is presenting’ is so important

Why ‘doing what is presenting’ is so important

The following question was posted by Trudy, one of our Flight School graduates, in our Agents of Awakening Community and I felt it would assist to share my reply in this week’s inspiration in case you missed it, or you’ve not yet joined us there … (what are you waiting for?) 😉

Trudy’s Question: “When do you know to take the lead, knowing what you know, and observing unfolding events as a neutral party?”

The concept that is most important in answering this question well is ‘DOING WHAT PRESENTS’. It’s actually the most simple of concepts, and yet it’s foreign to us as we’re so prone to running around in unconscious survival mode. Kids, groceries, goals, oil changes, banking, relationship reactions, fears about the world or the country, and so on.

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