Jeannie Selda

Jennifer Conaway

Systems, Structures and Business Developments


Jennifer Conaway (‘JC’ for short) uses her experience working with multi-million-dollar online programs and corporate organizations while accessing her intuition to create strategy and structure that meet you where you are in your business and your life while generating income and tapping into what brings you joy.

With Jennifer Hough’s team she’s expanding The Wide Awakenings systems and putting in place structures to support the expansion available during the shifts we are experiencing.
She lives in a beautiful home with her partner and 3 dogs, their ‘gentleman’ rescue Felix, ‘boundaries are for pushing’ rescue Pepper and Basenji puppy, Akila. They are constant reminders to play and to live in unconditional love.

In her free time, JC enjoys riding motorcycles, playing with the dogs, gardening, hanging out at the beach and doing cross stitch, pulled thread work (it’s her meditation) and reading.