Jeannie Selda

Jeannie Selda

General Manager and Facilitator

Jeannie has been on an incredible Awakening journey for the past 20 years. She was immersed in the corporate telecommunications world for 15 years before her current position as General Manager at The Wide Awakening, where she oversees the congruence of the company on every level.

Jeannie has been with The Wide Awakening since 2008 and is passionate about building bridges in communication, relationships, and community.

When she’s not traveling, she can be found hanging with her awesome family of freedom seekers and their two rescue dogs, Breezy and Douglas. When she’s taking a break in between worlds, you will find her hiking on one of the many beautiful forest trails in Ontario, Canada. Besides her love of travel, people, and building bridges, her other passion is taking pictures of her adventures and the incredible humans she’s met.

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