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Janet Swift


Janet’s unique early life experience set her on a voyage of discovery, seeking fulfilment through careers in nursing, as a police officer, 20+ years in the corporate world, as a successful business owner and, finally, through her passion for words as an author, editor, proofreader and copywriter. Raised in Bahrain, Malta and Germany herself, she’s ensured her children are global citizens, encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

Travel is her passion, having visited dozens of countries and, running in parallel, Janet describes herself as a ‘spiritual traveler, destination unknown’, the unexpected twists and turns of life leading to new and enriching experiences.

Personal and professional integrity are very important in her life and work, always seeking the truth and honesty in words expressed, sharing their message and hoping they will inspire or heal the souls they touch. Sometimes writing is practical, but Janet loves nothing more than sitting in a quiet space awaiting the gift of words sometimes flowing in from another place.

When not writing or creating order from a chaotic manuscript for clients, Janet loves being with her family, friends and rescue cat, Clive. People watching is another firm favorite, fascinated by how we’re all on this physical journey but expressing ourselves in such different ways. She says it took her many circuits of the sun to realize that we’re the author of our own limitations and that it’s never too late to be you, such that she’s writing a book entitled exactly that!