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Eric Huber

Designer Dude

Co-founder of Blue Zoo Creative (2008-Present), with 36 years in the graphic design field and 25 years in the web design field, Eric focuses his creativity on solving problems and inspiring action. His balance of left- and right-brain thinking helps him bridge the gap in both analytical and creative solutions. His creative company focuses on branding and web design/development.

“When it comes to The Wide Awakening, Jennifer, Jeannie, and all the people that come together, I always do my best to infuse my design work with the energy that they radiate. In this way, my hope is that people who come to TWA feel it from the first words spoken to the last images they see,” Huber shares on his approach to TWA’s visual elements.


Since seeing the ancient cave painting of Lascaux (in a book), I’ve been drawn to visual communications and graphic design. I believe that the job of commercial creative work is to inspire someone, somewhere, to do something. And when we gather together, we can create something none of us alone could have ever imagined.

When it comes to creativity, I’m ‘all in.’ Here are a few areas I have experience in…


Creative Direction

Brand Identity

Web Dev/Design

Design Software

Print Design



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