Aditya Sharma Headshot

Aditya Sharma

Tech Master and Renaissance Man

Aditya enjoys helping out the most wonderful people in the team at The Wide Awakening, and feels immensely grateful for having the opportunity to support the Bridge Builders.

His tasks, just like his interests and skills, are highly diversified, which present a new challenge everyday. While primarily associated with managing technology, he never shies away in extending a hand and helping out any member of the team who may be feeling overwhelmed with their plate.

As an Associate Partner with a wide network of fellow experts under his umbrella firm called Ariel Westmont, Aditya seeks to help out leaders of the new era, such as Jennifer Hough, in realizing the true Heaven on Earth, and the vision that The World Is One.

In his freetime, he likes reading books, taking long walks and talking to people about their ideas. He also enjoys connecting, so reach him out at his email or his LinkedIn.