A dear friend asked what do we do with the evil in the world…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“I find the word evil does not express what is going on internally
regarding the people who commit the acts about which we get upset.

Jennifer Hough

A dear friend recently asked me what do we do with the evil in the world.

Well, first we have to define evil. I find the word ‘evil’ does not express what is going on within the people who commit the acts causing such great upset. Any combination of the following may have happened to them, leading to actions described as ‘evil’.

Disenfranchisement, loneliness, abuse, severe disempowerment, lack of faith in love and communication based on their past, poverty, and therefore vulnerability, indoctrination by others who have felt the same, trying to find a place to belong, being heard, an expression of the deep resentment and anger they have internally for all the unfairness they perceive. It is coupled, or should I say fuelled, by a sprinkling of righteousness on all sides.

Ultimately, I only say this to offer that we focus on the big picture of what we can do to change the environment in which the entire human family exists. Ya, I know, biting off a big chunk there. But really? What choice do we have but to take on the dreams that are dreaming us; the very dreams that allow us to make a difference to our neighbor, community and countries, a little at a time. THAT’S BIG PICTURE. WE MUST WAKE UP.

Small picture, every day, coming back to our own hearts, minds, sense of empowerment, internal barometer and so on, to BE THE CHANGE.

Metaphysically, this is the biggest thing we can do, because in a fractal Universe, and a biophoton connected society, we can affect big, big change.

May we all be catalyzed to do and be all that we came here to do and be. May we have compassion for those who feel this disenfranchised by life while, in the meantime, building systems that deal with the heinous acts and the deprogramming of indoctrination.

It feels like more than one country could use a little of that medicine today.

The disease for me, is not in the people who commit these acts, it is in the world that would create an environment where people would separate and hate each other this deeply. We all came from the same place. At this point, in my mind we have to think big, as we are not on the ground. And more war, just begets more separation and less understanding.

We have to watch the war in our minds and hearts as well.

Being against another is not the solution, the only solution to change the world that I can see at this point is to create movements that include everyone, and which need to have visions that transcend any polarity and are available to every heart.

These movements must be bigger than current circumstances in the world.

People are looking to join, as long as it isn’t yet another politically affiliated movement, or more ‘right and wrong’ is going to happen.

Just my ramblings … thought they might hit home? Shake some fruit loose? Catalyze a deeper conversation?

Eclipses provide interesting timing and opportunities to re-choose a different future for ourselves, individually and collectively. I am ready to move forward on some global ideas that I’ve been chewing on with global thinkers.


And please, no political rhetoric. I’m not interested in side-ism. I’m interested in solutions that work for everyone.

With love,



A book that is so special to me…

A book that is so special to me…

The other day I was in my sauna, sweating my brains out because my body had been in pain. I was listening to the book ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’. It’s brilliant. The first time I read it, I wasn’t able to take in the full magnificence of the words within. I was in a different place.

We’ve just had our Canadian Thanksgiving, the Shadow of American Thanksgiving which follows in November.

I was listening to the story of how important nuts were to those tribes that lived on the prairies and in the forest. They would store nuts, much like wise squirrels and chipmunks do because they contain protein and good fats for the winter.

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Abundance everywhere

Abundance everywhere

I mean, I know we’re made from atoms that come from the soil that also feeds the trees, and food. That same soil, combined with sun and rain also causes the abundance of beauty in nature and the very oxygen we breathe.

BUT YOU KNOW HOW sometimes you just get it more deeply in your cells?

We’re overflowing even at the level of the smallest particle of us … gosh, we come from those atoms. The atoms that were originally stardust. Sometimes it just gets me.

It wasn’t until the last seven years when I started sowing and gathering the harvest of my beautiful garden, which includes flowers, plum trees, and fig trees, that I really got how relentlessly generous, bountiful and giving nature is and, therefore, since we are part of nature, we’re meant to be so.

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Does anything really die?

Does anything really die?

I am fully aware that we’re made of the atoms of the dead seas, and the Sahara sands that flew from Africa, and the oak trees like this one that eventually turned to dust. They’re physically within us in molecular form.

About a month ago, we had to cut down what was once a beautiful oak tree. The amount of fun Mighty Mouse is having on top of the wood pile reminds me of how much I used to delight in that oak tree as well, his delight is simply in a different form from mine.

I’ve noticed recently how many friends have family who are making their transition and they’re just in a different form too. They’re just as whole and just as abundant now as they were when they had physical form.

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