The 12 Days of Awakening Home Study Program

The 12 Days of Awakening
 is an activation series that will have you Dancing with Everything, Being Open to Receive from the Universe, and Playing with it All!

These activations will help you to understand the Universe at a deeper level and assist in activating atrophied codes within you that will help you to fly. Your world, confidence, and sense of freedom to be who you are, will shift. You’ll also experience shifts in the areas of health, finances, and relationships. It’s our gift to you, oh courageous one!


Don’t know how it went from there is Just No Way to I’m In, but it did! I knew I had to get the heck outta my own way when I saw some beliefs mirrored back at me. My receiving doesn’t mean restrictions for others. I can continue with an expansive light heart now. Bye bye to the guilt and useless paradigms. Sooooo Pumped!!



  • 12 Days of powerful Activations that will have you playing with the entire Universe
  • Channeled Upgrades of your multi-dimensional DNA
  • Access to our fun and engaging Facebook group – The Wide Awakening Playground
  • Video activations to stream on your desktop or mobile device
  • Audio activations to stream and/or download to your desktop or mobile device


  • Activate the dormant aspects of your unique super powers
  • Permanently dissolve stubborn issues
  • Provide the tools to cope when the world seems to have gone off the rails
  • Expand the aspects of you that were born to fly
  • Assist you in bringing Heaven with you wherever you go (it’s our diabolical plot for world peace)
  • Plus so much more!
This is your first step in your journey of awakening with Jennifer Hough and The Wide Awakening Team! It’s such an honor to share this with you and let me be the first to welcome you to the ‘Heaven on Earth Construction Crew.’

With love,
Jennifer xo

An Overview of the 12 Days of Awakening

Day 1: Truly Receiving Love from People, the Environment and Life Itself

Day 2: Vibrant Health Beyond the Jail of Genetics

Day 3: Financial Expansiveness – What it Takes to Truly Thrive
Day 4: Harmony with Family, Parents and Children – Activating Fluidity

Day 5: Your Manifesting Portals

Day 6: Relinquishing Resistance to Fly

Day 7: You and Your Guidance as One

Day 8: Rewire to Have it All Come to You… and the Skills to Dance with It
Day 9: Freedom from Judgment of Yourself or Others

Day 10: Your Super Power DNA

Day 11: Get Out of Your Own Way and End Self Sabotage
Day 12: Permanent Clear Connectedness and Confidence

Ready to Dive In?

The 12 Days of Awakening Home Study Program

An audio/video series that Activates your DNA so you can dance with everything, be open to receive from the Universe, play with it All and dive into new beginnings.

The 12 Days of Awakening

Home Study Program

$197.00 USD



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