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Facilitated by Jennifer Hough
and the Wide Awakening

What are the Get Out of Your Own Way™ Programs About?

If you are ready to go beyond the old ideas and dense paradigms that block various areas of your life, then come and experience these 5-week online program with Jennifer!

Experience new upgrades to shift your magnetics regarding different aspects of relationships, time, money, success, and even your health. Acquire new tools, transform past perceptions, stop being affected by the perceptions of the outside world, awaken your flow to prosperity, and find your freedom to pursue the opportunities that come your way, without any hesitation or doubt.

Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Relationships that Rock
Commences July 29, 2017








The Get Out of Your Own Way™ Programs

5-week online, interactive course, live with Jennifer Hough, to expand your ability to dance in relationships of all sorts (including the one with yourself). Next session begins Saturday, July 29 – August  26, 2017.
5-week online interactive course, live with Jennifer Hough, to cause a permanent shift in your ability to have ongoing energy, have food love you, fall in love with your body, and have your cells support you in everything you do. Next session begins Saturday, November 11 – December 16, 2017 (No Class November 25, 2017).
Get Out of Your Own Way Success and Abundance
5-week online, interactive course, live with Jennifer Hough, learning how to transcend the density of old paradigms and to open yourself up to success and abundance. Next session begins Early 2018.


Wanted to say that I am so excited I am finally “living” my life and not waiting for life to begin. What a blessing it is to realize that no matter what, everything is going to be okay… what peace it brings me. And with this I am open to see all the miracles in my life. Most importantly I realize that the universe has already blessed me with the most wonderful miracles … my husband and my kids… everything else is a bonus.

M. | Teacher and Mom