Flight School - The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough

An Advanced Immersion
for Leaders OF Awakening


A 12-Month Journey in Mastering Fluidity
in Every Area of Your Life

TWA-Flight-School-IconFlight School
Facilitated by Jennifer Hough, Adam Lamb & Jeannie Selda
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Commencing September 23, 2017

What is Flight School About?

  • Fly forward with your purpose, prosperity, play, business, relationships, and body in a fully integrated state
  • Bring all of you back through your heart, and from the entire Universe
  • Start to crystallize your Innate Abilities with all 12 strands of DNA; discover and amplify your unique Super Powers with clarity
  • Immerse yourself in the experiential journey of what it’s like to be free of human density, so that you can ‘go direct’ with your Higher Guidance with confidence, beyond the “shoulds”
  • Run forth without barriers and expand into your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth, without doubt
  • Put the infrastructure in place to fully support your flight in health, dreams, finances, and total freedom to enjoy your life!


I love you all deeply. I am so incredibly grateful for this journey with you all. Today might be the 1st day of the year on the calendar, but it’s really just the 1st day of my life as who I am today. And every day is that for me. How light it feels to fly with wings that don’t carry the past or the future but simply the air and the love that uplifts me and allows me to soar. Sending you all the biggest hugs and kisses EVER!


An Overview of the FLIGHT SCHOOL Experience
(Each Module duration:  2 Months)

Lose the separation between Higher Levels and yourself. Have your Guides and Angels become one with you, so you’re living life on the creative edge of consciousness, leaning in, and playing with it all with confidence, while activating others to do the same. Enjoy some incredible surprise contributors to this part of your journey!

Get clear in the first month about who you are, and why you are on the planet. Learn how to stay present to that blossoming truth for the rest of your life, and live it fully every day. Become the contribution you are on the planet; to fly fully in fluidity. Work with global leaders on brand and personal development.

Module 3:  YOUR BODY
We will assist you to get complete freedom with food, to find your cosmic body shape, and to get your body to its Universalis age. Work with Jennifer to break every paradigm of food addiction; find out what your body is truly telling you with clarity, and be free to enjoy food.

Create your business, your career, and your streams of income without being a victim of our economic system. Set yourself up to live your unique economy. Work with experts to create the beginnings of your financial flow outside the paradigm of the general economy.

Become a master at expressing what presents, living in neutrality, and moving the energy of any room, person or situation. Find out what Awakened love is. Start to lose all fear, and to transcend all aspects of the past that have you living less than the magic that’s available. Understand exactly what is necessary to dive in! Work with globally renowned workshop leaders in art, writing and dance, to find your self-expression.

Module 6:  YOUR BLISS
Set your life up so that you can travel, commune with Soul family, learn languages, and play in other dimensions in ways you never imagined. Wait till you see the adventures we will go on!



Tanya Lennox and Paula Kerr – FS 2015


Feeling so full of love as I write this because I simply can’t imagine not opening up to all of this, not having you all in my life.  It’s the perfect time and I feel ready to fly; freedom without limits. Love you all and so grateful, Jennifer, for your boundless love and passion in waking up the world. You are an extra ordinary sis-star and I love you.

Cathy, FS 2015

Flight School is For YOU if:

  • You feel it’s time to get on with you: You know you are a budding Awakened leader. You want to flourish by expressing yourself through your passion. You would like to affect change by affecting your own backyard, or the world. (Either way, you affect the world.)
  • You’d love to work with Jennifer and the TWA Team directly: If it inspires you to work directly with Jennifer, and to spend one-on-one, and group, time with her to assist in your integration and Awakening.
  • You’re ready to be all of who you came here to be: You feel called to assist others by communicating from a place of full alignment, whether you want to apply it to health, prosperity, love, relationships, or life’s purpose. (All these areas of your life will be addressed.)
  • You want to fully embody your Super Powers: You are inspired to deepen your own Awakening by fully integrating all of your Innate Abilities, and crystallizing all levels of DNA into your physical body. You are ready to become your own guru on the fast track.
  • You are looking to activate and inspire others: You want to enhance or start a career as a philanthropist, leader, practitioner, speaker, author, coach, teacher, therapist, or Awakened parent.  You want to find an advanced way to assist people to ‘go direct’ to who they are and activate the truth, so the rest can fall away.
  • You would like to thrive at what you love: You want to find meaning and fulfillment by expressing your piece of the puzzle into the world, with clarity.
  • You feel you are a member of the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew: You know that a guided experience of Awakening with others looking to fly forward with life will cause an exponential shift in your life. You know your heart, network, resources, and abundance will shift as a result.
  • You have a heart for adventure and discovery: You want to have the most incredible 12 months of your life with, experiences beyond your dreams, working with resources and teachers that would be otherwise inaccessible. Flight School students will be introduced to Jennifer’s personal team of “Love and Assistance Experts” from around the world.



I got to a place where I wanted to know that person (me).

Fran, FS 2014

What’s Included In Flight School

  • Your initial 1-2 hour Foundational Session (1:1) on our first weekend together. (Value $2,000)
  • One two-hour workshop per month, with activations and integrations for the topic of the month, working LIVE with your Flight School Team! (Value $1,200)
  • Six one-hour conversations with a powerful world leader in his/her field… a personal colleague of Jennifer’s who is affecting global change. (Value $3,000)
  • Exclusive one-on-one time with Jennifer, Jeannie and Adam (Value $800/hour: Twelve  one-hour appointments (Value $9,600)
  • Six optional 30-minute reset calls with Jennifer, Adam or Jeannie. (Value $1,600)
  • Three powerful and transformational Flight School retreats (Value $15,000)
  • Our first communion of souls is in a beautiful retreat; six days of hiking, talking, and activating, along with a gourmet chef who cooks with Love (wheat, peanut, sugar, and dairy free). Workshops and personal work every day. (Value $5,000)
  • A five-year Quantum Wake Up Call Program membership. (Value $1,500)
  • Access to all of The Wide Awakening’s libraries, with our latest activations. (Value $2,000)
  • Private Facebook group to commune with Jennifer and your fellow Flight School family, ask questions, find out about upcoming events, and get the latest activations.
  • Strategic plan, mission statements, financial evaluation, all from an Awakened perspective, for those wanting this kind of assistance. (Value $2,000)
  • Optional bonus trip: To Jennifer’s private home in the mountains, her family home in sacred Stony Lake, Ontario, and more! (Value $8,000)
  • Live access and participation to our online Get Out of Your Own Way™ programs for 10 years. (Value $8,970)
  • Embody Your Innate Abilities program (Value $397)
  • Awakening Alchemist program, which includes our Speaker Training program (Value $397)
  • 12 Days of Awakening video series (Value $197)

Interested in
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Commencing September 23, 2017

  • Flight School is all about your journey as an Awakening leader. It is about deepening your own Awakening, and experiencing your essence like never before. It is about learning the advanced tools to ‘go direct’ with who you are, your superpowers, and living all aspects of life in fluidity.

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