“Your timing or cosmic timing?
One is predictable and the other is magically delicious.
Guess which one is which?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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As we head into the new month of March, I found myself thinking about expectations. Expectations are so over-rated, aren’t they? Especially when the Universe wants to deliver you the “or better” at every turn. In my life, I found I struggled when it came to letting the whole Universe in, never mind the relationship of my heart (for which I am now so grateful).

Why? Beats me! It could be my protective mechanisms, proving “I can do it myself;” maybe it’s showing the people who told me “I couldn’t” that I could; or, maybe, just maybe, it was being afraid that if the love went away, it would eventually end in too much hurt, so why bother? Other than that, I can’t think of any other reasons! Sigh… just saying. LOL!

I would so love to help you open your heart to the whole Universe. After all, you helped me. Things that make you go Hmmm.

With love,