“Change occurs most exponentially through acts of courageous compassion and love, not righteousness and frustration.”
– J. Hough (Tweetable)

Hi there!

Oh this should be good…I was just talking to a nurse about certain vaccinations and medications, the misinformation to the public and lack of information about other options.  She shared how people still give their power away to Doctors and don’t listen to their bodies.  It’s not like she is incorrect. They also give their power away to Naturopaths and Awakening Leaders (LOL).

Then there’s the school systems, the environment…...oh there is an endless supply if you wish to get your shorts in a knot and spend your life in upset.  In the past, I felt that way too.

Powerful change only occurs on a mass scale through love, consistency and one hundred percent compassion with the courage to speak a greater truth when it presents.
It doesn’t dis-include anger either. Ghandi, Mandela, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Buddha and so many more are perfect examples.

You have that within you!

I am laughing right now, because Faye, our Office Angel, is fighting with the printer for the 5th time in a year!  Even that challenge requires the same compassion and love…Humor helps too!

  • Be the example.
  • Be willing to be seen and heard.
  • Be compassionate because you are human too.

Know that what you see around you (which is mostly beautiful), includes incongruencies in humanity that are simply providing you a ‘screen shot” of the current status of our progress in this world awakening.

Let that be a catalyst, instead of a deterrent.

Our only job is to continue our own personal awakening and to be willing to humbly be an example, with humor, love and compassion.

Any other path to change is inefficient at the very least. Just saying.

Love,  Jennifer

– – – – – – – P.S.
That’s what I mean when I say you are a piece of the puzzle of heaven on Earth.

P.P.S. The shift is happening….put your mind to rest.