“How would you approach your life if you assumed that everything happened for you and nothing happened to you?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: 2017 Jeannie Selda – Shasta

Dear You:

Isn’t it interesting how we as human beings tend to over-complicate things sometimes? We tend to forget that we are immersed in a reality that is designed to support us in our creativity and our inspired projects. I’ve witnessed myself (when I don’t spend time in the morning to remember) acting as if I am alone, without friends, guides or angels, and then getting overwhelmed by everything that is presenting. It is so unnecessary. I want to thank my friend Teresa de Grosbois for sharing and inspiring this message of hope for the recovering control freaks of the world (not that I would know anything about that! lol). Control is just care gone a little wild… I think you’ll love this message of freedom; please pass it on. Muah!

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With an open heart,