Working hard?

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“Receptivity is our natural state.
Resistance is truly futile.

Jennifer Hough

I was chatting with a dear friend who asked the question, “When will the ‘bad days’ end?As soon as I “awaken”, everything will be alright, right?

It is so easy, when there are challenges around us, to focus on the aspects of life that are not working (or so we perceive). I am not saying this from a place of being an all-knowing guru, but from someone going through menopause and noticing how easy it is to collect evidence of what is “not” working when your hormones are all over the place.

The only way, and I mean the only way, it can turn around is if you become a relentless champion of your own attention/vibration/focus, which means even being aware of the questions you ask. I know it’s hard not to focus on what is in front of you with hope and positive anticipation, when it appears a little dramatic.

“When will the bad days end?” is just another way of putting attention on ‘bad days’. The better question would be: “How do I feel better right now, this minute?”. If all you did was to continue asking that question, every hour, your life would change entirely in very short order.

Taking full self-responsibility for your vibrational output is challenging for those who are sensitive. We are so used to feeling like victims of life. After all, who wants to attract more things to feel hopeless about? That’s what happens when we get righteous about what seems to be wrong, instead of focusing on what is working. Oh sure, when perceptively great things happen, it’s easier to say “hallelujah!,” I have reached the mountain top. But you haven’t, because anything you think that is good only happened in response to a vibration you were emanating deliberately (or unconsciously), in the direction of something you desired.

Remember: you have air to breathe, people who love you, sunsets, a heart that beats, a bed to sleep on, and so much more. I know it sounds very “Pollyanna,” but it’s true, and if you want more good in your life, you have to become deliberate about whether you are going to let random, well-practiced thoughts guide your life, or whether you are going to become the creator of your masterpiece.

Here’s why it may seem challenging these days to stay in flow:

1. Consciousness is speeding up, so we are constantly upgrading; therefore, you may notice when you are not being responsible for your vibration. The “downs” are more obvious and the flow is also more ridiculously juicy.

2. There is no “getting there” in Awakening. You just don’t become fulfilled with a life of meaning. If you are striving for some picture of thriving you are attached to, that will get you in deep doo-doo. There is Awakening your spirit every day to who you are, especially given the political, social and economic thoughtforms that surround us. This is a muscle to exercise.

3. When we resist exercising the muscle of where we put our attention, it’s our Ego throwing a temper tantrum; we want it to be easier, but it is what it is. The journey is different for each of us. When we are in that space, however, our Ego has us conveniently forget how fun our flow is, and how easy it is to stay in flow once we are there, which leads me to the next comment.

4. I have to be extremely diligent about not taking my flow for granted. It’s not a state that you achieve that just stands still. You do achieve new levels of flow, through creating and learning as a result, but consciousness is moving so fast and constantly expanding. It’s about learning the new Super Powers, and integrating with them as what’s possible expands. You wouldn’t want it any other way. You came here to experience contrast to see how much more you could create and find joy; the contrast will never end. So, your relationship to that contrast is so important. Flow is something renewed and tapped into at every moment… hence finding it through your morning practice every single day.

That is why we teach the Thriving Operating System.

It goes back to that saying, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” It is important to become relentlessly vigilant for the light, as that is how more light comes forth on your journey. It’s that simple. Though it can seem challenging when faced with difficult things, the answer is always the same.

It doesn’t mean stop feeling, but it does mean finding your way back to your heart as a practice.

With love,

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This is important for me to remember in these times…

This is important for me to remember in these times…

Years ago, in one of our programs, a dear client talked about a powerful story that is so relevant to what is going on in the world now… about the power and purity of a child in times of great polarity.

She went to Ireland with her family at age seven.

She is Protestant and she went to a beach community of a mainly Catholic village, when, at times, there was still tremendous infighting and violence.

While she was on the beach, a seven-year-old local, red-headed girl would come and play, building sandcastles with her.

After a few days the young Irish girl asked, “Are you Protestant?”, to which my client replied, “Yes, I am.”

The red-head then declared, “Well, I think you are lovely! I don’t understand what the grown-ups are saying.”

My client said, “Me either.”

And the red-headed girl suggested, “Maybe we should hug for a long time until the rest of the world feels it, so that they can all get along.”

My client said, “I think that is a perfect idea!”

And so the two of them hugged for a couple of minutes, hoping that maybe someone would see or feel them getting along, and loving each other despite their differences.

Do you feel them?

In a non-time/space reality, that wave is still going out into consciousness. I choose to feel it and all of its implications, right now.

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The physics of High Holidays for all religions…

The physics of High Holidays for all religions…

First and foremost, HAPPY EARTH DAY. This message is one about our emotional environment these days, because I know that how we feel impacts our motivation to give to “the Great Mother.” And, if you read through to the bottom of this email, I will show you how you can be a member of the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew. But first….

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Here’s a paradigm shift for you… We are family!

Here’s a paradigm shift for you… We are family!

When I was younger, I so wanted to feel like I belonged. I had glasses, acne, was taller than everyone, curly hair, was shy as anything, and I just felt like I wished someone “got” me and saw through the yuck.

Not to mention, I was super curious about physics, because my religion wasn’t giving me answers. Some, but not all. And there were contradictions. In High school, I used to debate spirituality with my Jehovah’s Witness friend, Nora… I still remember her. That was fun for me, since I didn’t fit in with everyone else, much like she didn’t either.

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