From the Wide Awakening Weekly, July 15, 2014

Listen to What Your Life is Telling You…

“If an idea is repeatedly put in front of you, and your heart is called to it, that’s a sure sign the Universe is presenting you with a gift.

Don’t let rationality or pride mess up your expansive, magnificent life.”

~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Hi there,

My body was asking for lots of recovery time after Peru. My personality wanted to be with my sweetie and take the drive to Virginia. But someone mistakenly took my passport, the passport office couldn’t get a new one quickly, my house is being renovated and I needed to order parts for it, my washing machine was not working….. well, you get the picture.

What life was calling me to do was stay home. My body, too.

So, my friend, throwing a cosmic temper tantrum will not affect change. Wishing and intending have nothing to do with doing what is in the highest good for all concerned. Life makes it obvious. It’s rarely what your personality wants, but if you really remain present (and relinquish egoic expectation), you will actually see that IT IS ALL HAPPENING FOR YOU… NOT TO YOU.

With Love,

Jennifer xoxoxo

 P.S. Or you could go ahead and throw that cosmic temper tantrum… and, when you’re done, the Universe will still be waiting there with the same response as ever. xoxo

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