From the Wide Awakening Weekly, May 21, 2014

“Why complain about what you witness to be wrong or bad, when you can use your energy to expand Heaven? It is impossible to do both at one time.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Remember that you only recognize and magnetize to the circumstances and people that have asked for your leadership. You bring to yourself that which you have the super-power to affect.

Or you could complain about what’s not working!

Heaven on Earth Construction Crew

One of our many Heaven On Earth Construction Crew from our Phoenix event.

It’s much more fun to be on the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew! Just saying…

By the way, on this construction crew, there’s no work involved—only just being your gorgeous, magnificent, expansive self.

On your marks….. get set…………..

Jennifer Hough GirlLove,

Jennifer xoxo

P.S. I have a diabolical plot for world Awakening… and you’re in it! (Tweetable)

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