“What if awakening requires a major first unexpected step? Let’s be vigilant for simplicity and non-linear steps.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

I realized that most people don’t know much about where my journey started, and how all this work evolved… so this week is a little different!

Did I know from childhood I was a little different? Ya. Did I ever have an awareness that I’d be talking about multi-dimensional DNA? Heck no! So, why do we facilitate the things we do? Where did it all come from? I thought this time I would explain the process of awakening personally, and also give you a little insight into our team! And how they perceive the journey, and why it’s so special…

Love to hear your thoughts..

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Hey, it’s Jennifer! I thought it was a pretty good idea to actually give you an overview of the programs that we do, but I want to start with why we even do these programs in the first place. When I say we, I mean all of The Wide Awakening Team Members, who feel the same amount of love that I do for everyone who does our work. Our work is definitely not like any other, and let me share with you why that is.

I grew up in a very normal household. My dad was an entrepreneur and my mom was a teacher. Maybe you experienced this, maybe not, but growing up, my mom generally managed the entire Universe, caring very deeply for her children. My dad was like many dads; he was very hard on himself, and very hard on us. I grew up being a straight-A student because I was afraid of getting in trouble; I was trying to get my dad’s approval. So, you’ve heard this story before, but I always knew that I didn’t belong. I couldn’t see things from 30,000 feet, or 100,000 feet. I could see what was happening in classrooms, I could feel if the teachers were off, or they weren’t themselves, or that they were having a bad day. I could see interactions with other people and what was going on with them. I was sensitive to stuff and didn’t want to hang around too many people. Sometimes I did, and that was okay, but it was kind of odd. But, then I went to University and I was far, far away, and sometimes I would look up at the sky and go, “Take me back, please, take me back! Wherever I’m from, it’s not here!”

So, there’s a certain feeling that overwhelmed me one day. I was volunteering with street youth, and I walked a young lady over to the psych ward, and she told me me she was supposed to be schizophrenic, but she was, of course, perfectly coherent around me. She told me her whole life’s story; which was horrific. I fell to my knees when I left her off at the psych ward, and sat on my knees and I just cried. I just cried and cried; I didn’t know how to deal with all that she had told me, because it was so heartfelt. I knew that was going on every day in Toronto, the city where I lived, and it was going on in India, Africa, the United States, Australia, Thailand, Europe… it was going on everywhere. It was an overwhelming feeling, but I thought, “Why do I feel everything from everywhere?” I thought, “Well, I’m doing a social worker’s job in this company, without being a social worker. The social workers around me, they’ve all numbed themselves.” And, I thought, “I don’t want to numb myself, even though I understand now why they do.” And then I thought, “Well, what am I gonna do? Go back in there and rescue her, and then rescue every other street kid who happens along? I can’t do that either.”

And then the message came: The only other option is to assist as many people to shift, so nothing like what happened to that girl, or any little boy, or any of the adults of those situations, ever happens again. It became much bigger later, because what I realized was, we all have catalyzing opportunities to become who we came here to be. If you’re here, then I want you to know that you feel that same calling that I did then. And, there’s more: I started to realize that this wasn’t just about assisting human beings to transcend the past, and to activate what’s possible and heal. It is that, but it’s much bigger than that; there’s a whole group of people who know there’s something more; for economics, for politics. They know that in the way we operate together, something’s not right. Sometimes it’s your family, sometimes it doesn’t really matter; but, you have this sense, this uneasiness about the world that something more is possible.

The programs we put together are for people who know that there’s something more for their lives They feel the Calling; they’re not sure what they’re doing wrong, or what they could be doing more right. They know that it might even be a quantum leap, and that their minds are so busy trying to understand it, that if the mind would just shut up, they could actually just see it. They want to know how to ‘go direct’ with consciousness; they are not interested in more dogma, more strategies, more mental to-do’s… they’re really interested in making those massive leaps to be free.

So, this is how we do it. By the way, all of our Team members have some stories similar to that. That’s why they have such compassion and such love for the people we work with. So, our programs usually start with people coming to our Radio Show. You can go to TheWideAwakening.com/Radio to find out more about that. Every first Wednesday of the month, unless there’s something that’s in the way, those Radio Shows are where anyone can come and, of course, it doesn’t cost anything and you can ask questions. I am a Channel. In fact, we are all Channels. Let’s just be real. But I look at the consciousness of everyone who’s participating, and you’re able to ask questions, and we’re able to go into communion. We’re able to dive into deeper understandings of physics, and the way the world works, and what’s really going on in your life and otherwise. So it’s a very, very powerful journey on those Radio Shows.

Those Radio Shows usually lead to our monthly program; our monthly program is actually a live, interactive Q&A with me, and with everyone on the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, which is you. We also have a live, private page on Facebook, Facebook.com/Groups/TWAPlayground; there, we talk, we move energy, it’s a time of great Awakening on this planet right now. In order to bridge where we’ve been to where we’re actually headed, where we’re free to actually be who we came here to be, and where those whom we’ve perceived have been in power, start to shift in a much bigger way than we’ve ever imagined. It’s a really beautiful place to play. My Team and I actually answer questions.

If you really want to dive in, go and find out about Get Out of Your Own Way™. We have Get Out of Your Own Way™ on the subject of Abundance, the subject of Love and Relationships, and the subject of Health and Vitality and Thriving in your body. My background, because I was actually very sick at one point, was that ran one of the largest holistic nutrition practices in Canada. That’s actually how I started to feel and see holographically; so, I see everyone, whether you’re in front of me, or on the phone, or even remotely, holographically, including the whole world. It’s interesting, considering I studied Economics in University.

The next program to do is called Innate Abilities. We’re calling it The Academy of Human Super Powers – Embodying Your Innate Abilities. Those Innate Abilities are DNA codes. In the hologram, I got to see those DNA codes actually completely upgrade human beings to be able to ‘go direct’ with consciousness, out of fighting with three-dimensional life, and put you on the Fast Track. That’s Innate Abilities: you can see the Home Study in our store at TheWideAwakening.com.

Finally, there are two other programs: One program is having me as a Guide for a year. We take you through, privately, Innate Abilities and The 12 Days of Awakening. We take you through, privately, your own Innate Abilities, and we do that for a year. We guide you through everything you’re going through, gaining clarity on what you’re up to in the world. We do the exact same thing in Flight School, in a group, where each person is potentialized by the other people because of the synergy. There are between 12 and 15 people in Flight School. We go to sacred places all over the world. We have amazing experiences, getting incredible testimonials from that year-long program, which you can also find out about on TheWideAwakening.com. So, that’s kind of how it goes. We also have some great Activations of some fabulous introductory material in our store, The 12 Days of Awakening is one, The 12 Dimensions of DNA open the portals, so that it makes your Innate Abilities experience even more powerful.

But our basic ride is people who start in the monthly experience of the Radio Show, or our Q&A program, and then lead into Get Out of Your Own Way™, where we’re blowing apart thousands of belief systems at a time, such that you can really see and experience yourself and go, “Oh, here I am, it’s transmuting thousands of belief systems, rather than addressing one at a time. It’s the Fast Track“. And then, Innate Abilities, where you’re embodying the tools, now that you’re clear to ‘go direct’ with consciousness, and you’re using your Super Powers, being able to see from thousands of feet up. Being able to not be affected by others, not care about judgment, transcend all your fears; the Super Powers are incredible, and we were all born with them. And then, finally, there’s me as an Advanced Guide for those who want to do that, and of course, Flight School, which is where you’re talking to me once a month, privately. Then we’re meeting about three or four times during the year in sacred places, and we’re going on journeys together that are just mind-blowing and life-changing.

So, those are our programs. If you’ve stayed here for this long, congratulations; hopefully, this is really giving you a sense and understand that my journey has not been particularly easy. That’s because I am an Economist; I studied Accounting and Economics in University, so my Awakening was beyond the beyond. It continues even today; it required my getting very sick; it required my making some pretty big changes. Some of those changes were heart-breaking to my personality, but they also freed me to be able to ‘go direct’ without being pulled by life so much. And so, my entire journey, for the last 20 years, is really for all of my life right, but the intensity of it really has been in the last 20 years, so that people can bridge back to themselves and they don’t have to go through everything that I went through. You can have it be fluid, and effortless. There’s still going to be emotional stuff; there’s still going to be stuff that comes up, but by doing it on the Fast Track, and having our Higher Levels and having our Multi-Dimensional aspects actually take care of a lot of this stuff that we thought we had to do ourselves, all of a sudden you’re able to fly in this lifetime. You’re able to embody yourself in this lifetime; you’re able to transcend karma, transcend even caring about karma, to living in a whole other world where you rise above the field. You get to actually affect change around you, and be the love you came here to be. And to play, for goodness sake, with all of your amazing powers….in this world that gets to shift because we all wake up.

So, I’m looking forward to playing with you, to having fun exploring the programs. Definitely, DEFINITELY, let us know if you have any questions. You can go to [email protected] and ask any questions, or ask to have a Discover Session with me at any point. Flight School also has an option where you can click to get a Discover Session with me, so that we can commune and talk about it.

Looking forward to seeing you real soon in some of the live programs as I galavant around the world, and please, come up and give me a hug and tell me you listened to this video. We like to break the rules; usually they tell us to keep videos to five minutes: clearly this is not; you’ll find that happens often. Because, in the Not Belonging Club, we trust that you’re going to follow your heart; you’re going to follow your instincts. It’s not about convincing or selling or manipulating, it’s really just all about… it’s time, we’re here, and we get you, we see you, let’s go, and let us assist! And let me assist!

Alright, you’re not alone. We’re not alone anymore. I’m not alone anymore. I always thought I was, but I’m not. Alright kids, have an absolutely great rest of your everything! Big hugs! Talk to you soon, hopefully in a program, and yeah… Happy Awakening! [Blows Kiss]