I was in Hot Springs, Virginia, actually in the hot springs. It’s a beautiful 100-year-old shack about 80 feet square, surrounding the sulphur-rich pool in which I was swimming. I was floating on a noodle, actually, so I could read my friend’s book. What the book was about, I had no idea. So I did what I do with most books: I cracked it open to a random page to see what it had to say.

The chapter I opened to was about three places that I had been to in Peru, places my author-friend had also visited. She wrote of random, crazy experiences that she’d had, some of them very much like mine. As I was floating there, this hit me on a much deeper level: that I was being reminded, activated and shown the importance of those experiences.

Let me share.

During a journey with our group, together with a Shaman, I was shown many things through a wakened dream. I was shown:

  1. That Machu Picchu used to be entirely of gold. The reason was that it reflected the sun’s light, which contains the encodements for our “gifts” to be delivered….all of the gifts that we say gurus and shaman have. These are not really gifts at all, at least not in the sense that they are just for special people. Rather, these “gifts” are innate to human beings of all sorts.
  2. That Machu Picchu is sacred because leaders were being facilitated there and activated on the fast track.
  3. That when the Spanish came, the High Priests and Priestesses actually took the wisdom that was being shown to them, and embedded it multidimensionally in the walls, and gave the most important aspects to the condor (who dwells not on the earthly plane, like the snake or puma).
  4. That native cultures gave the “other worldly” wisdom to the spirit birds that could carry it ‘in the sky,’ until such time as humanity was ready….and now it is. That is why “the eagle and the condor” will come together, as prophesized by the Mayan elders and several other native groups around the world.
  5. That the solar discs that are part of Incan lore are very real. They contain the original information of what we all are capable of as humans. That which we might call a gift is actually innate. According to the lore, those discs were thrown into Lake Titicaca and disappeared through the multidimensional portals in the region. This gold substance carries photon packages of information and also reflects other information from the sun. When the two come together, we are activated.

That is why we go to Peru, on specific journeys, with particular elders…………….

Lying there in the water while reading my friend’s book, I experienced all of these new insights coming through me and was awestruck. I knew, from there, that we are all in this together. That each of us is a gift to the other, in order that we may help one another ‘see.’ That Peru truly is a place of great wonder, and the people there still carry that wisdom……..especially the Cechua elders…..but truly all people in Peru carry this gorgeous ancestry by which we can all be activated.

My favourite insight about Peru is this: The people there never rejected Christianity, rather they took all of the concepts they love from Christianity and married them to the ancient wisdom. Thus they have a uniquely wise way of looking at all spiritual practices. I love the inclusivity of the Peruvian culture.

So this, my friends, is how Hot Springs, Virginia, came to be related in my mind to Machu Picchu, the Cechua, and Peru………..

With love,


P.S. Hot Springs is actually held to be a very spiritual area to the Aboriginal culture.  No surprise, right?


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