Life happens for you and not to you.

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, July 1, 2015

“The perspective that can change your deepest relationship to life is that ‘life happens for you and not to you.’ Your upset in any circumstance is directly proportionate to how far away your man-made expectations are from reality, and how attached your ego is to the idea that it is happening ‘to you’ .”  ~ Jennifer Hough   

Recently, I saw an email where a young man was complaining about circumstances, and if the circumstances would just change or leave, he would feel better. From his perspective, the further away the circumstances, the happier he would be. Ah, but that is jail, not freedom. Eventually you would be living on an island.

However, he asked a very good question: Why do we have emotions?

If the Universe loves us (and, in fact, we are an expression of it), then it would not make sense that we would be born to be victims of circumstances, so there must be another way.

What if there were perspectives you could hold that were closer to an ultimate truth? What if, as you get closer to the truth, the perspectives “felt” more correct, as if you had an instinctual cellular peace inside? What if the cellular peace we feel is simply a measure of our proximity to the freeing truth?

You will notice I did not use polarizing words like “feels good” or “feels bad.” Those are both based in emotional reactions.

We have not been very conscious about our feelings, which is why so many people are confused. Cellular instinct is deep: emotional reaction is simply like a child’s response to whether or not life is going his or her way.

Ultimately, were we to connect with our deep, cellular instinct, we would just know what peace feels like and there would be no contemplation, only dancing directly with life.

We are on our way.

With Love,

xoxoxo Jennifer

By the way, if this post made you happy, don’t worry: the feeling will pass. But if you feel peace inside from considering it, that will last for decades.

If this resonates for you, maybe it will for your friends, too…

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