From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Wednesday, September 16, 2015

True Prosperity… are you in?

“The two characteristics required to achieve true Prosperity are: (1) The courage to be yourself, and (2) The courage to be seen.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

Hi there,

One of the most asked questions in recent months has been around Prosperity, particularly why so many of us are having to work so hard to experience true abundance.

Take heart. The issue is not that you will NOT prosper. The Universe is expanding your life in every way… even when you aren’t present to it. YAY! Oh, I forgot to mention a small detail: it’s no big deal… okay, well, maybe it is. To experience true abundance, you have to start by being willing to communicate and to be seen for who you are by most everyone. No exception.

Know that you would not be alive today unless the rest of us (humanity) were asking for you (all of you). You are a piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth, which is in flow with the direction of Creation, which is where true Prosperity and abundance lie.

With Love,

Jennifer xoxoxo

Oh sure, people will judge, but either you’ll be yourself and they’ll judge, or you won’t be yourself and they’ll judge you anyway. At least, if you go with Plan A, one of you will be happy (not to mention the rest of us who’ve been waiting for you)… LOL!