“Unicorns create forward, they don’t rebel backwards.”
Jennifer Hough


I feel today as though I am viewing my life in retrospect.

How many times consciousness has had my back.
How many times opportunities were put in front of me, whether I took them or not.
Feeling truly blessed to be free of the idea of needing to fit in, and all the freedom that comes from focusing my energy on the difference I can make.
Being a unicorn; it’s a good thing.
I suspect that everyone is a unicorn in the making.
But you only see the herd that’s been waiting for you when you start to realize that fitting in is overrated.
Happy to be affirmed by my deeper wisdom today.
I could’ve gone down the road of beating myself up for missing some of the turns and twists. I didn’t though.
Instead, I let myself be activated to even more vigilance for the inevitable miracles to come.

With love,

P.S. To be clear, being a unicorn is about playing in the field of consciousness with all possibilities, not rebellion. Rebellion just takes energy away from creating anew. So, if you really are a unicorn, you might want to give up the fight and join in with the creation of something new. Life will bring you the resources unendingly.
Where do you wanna put your energy; that’s the question!