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“Be against nothing, but for something meaningful.
Act accordingly.

Jennifer Hough

There has been so much going on and I have been watching my heart hurt a little. I’ve seen so many posts asking, “Why?” “Why would such a thing as war even exist, and how could that happen in the world with so many waking up?

I was speaking to Anna Kowalska (my most recent interview) about her family in Poland. She shared some stories with me that truly moved me about people coming across the border and the struggles people are having, as well as the generosity that is showing up.

I’ve been thinking about what it is that I’d like to communicate about these times of great polarity, in a way that might help us each find peace, but at the same time not being okay with what’s happening. It’s okay to not be okay. In fact, all that you are doing when you feel the “not okay-ness” is you are acknowledging that there is another way. Your internal dissonance is not wrong, so don’t try to “fix” it; it doesn’t need fixing.

You are right; something is seriously sub-optimal when one needs to hurt another unconsciously in order to feed the Ego, whether it is with a world leader or a three-year-old..

So that’s where we begin.


The added polarity is happening because we are being asked to make a choice. The choice is to be a victim of our lives, or to be true Agents of Awakening for ourselves and the ones we love. Do we choose a different world? Do we know what we know about consciousness without doubt? Are we willing to act from what we know? Will we treat others and ourselves differently as a result? Will we be relentless champions of ourselves, our communities and our vibration? This is clarity time for knowing what you know… and acting accordingly.

Your piece of the puzzle matters in this world, whether there is a war or not; it’s just more poignant right now. The time to ask yourself deeply is before you.

THE ONLY SOLUTION THAT I SEE: Be the change. Understanding each other more deeply and facing forward in creating the world we desire are all there is to do. This is in your families, in your city, in your communities, and by connecting with friends and having meaningful exchanges to understand each other, and doing things that expand upon common goals (instead of arguing about the things we don’t have in common).

We are the microcosm of the greater macrocosm.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TODAY: Much in the spirit of our Agents of Awakening Community that is developing, I will be taking jars of organic jam that Adam and I made, and writing a love note to 10 neighbors, just to say I want to spread a little goodness in the world in these time of people feeling so separate, with my number to connect anytime. Maybe we’ll even organize a little barbecue (in Canada, for my USA friends, that means a cookout) for the neighborhood.

I know what happens when we see fellow human beings suffer. We feel powerless. So, the most important thing to do is SOMETHING!

  • THIS WEEKEND, OR EVERY WEEK: Buy something from your local Ukrainian businesses and let them know you support them.
  • EVERY DAY: Look people in the eye, and smile. Let them know they are not alone. Don’t get so busy that you cannot even be present to a neighbor.
  • WATCH THIS: SNL’s episode featuring the Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York singing “Prayer for Ukraine.” LINK
  • Thousands in Berlin flood central train station with signs offering room and board to Ukrainians LINK
  • INSPIRATIONAL STUFF like this is happening: Ukraine has been taking down street signs in an attempt to “confuse and insult Russian forces.” LINK
  • CONSIDER JOINING US ON AGENTS OF AWAKENING: It is all about creating local communities, globally, that care and want to be the change. It starts with you. You can join for free for two weeks, and listen to inspiration, develop tools, and take Get Out of Your Own Way™ at no charge, as well as get a feel for the magic of that community. JOIN US

Be against nothing… and for something that speaks to the common good.

With love and an Open Heart,