This excerpt was taken from the April 2014 Thrive and Discover event in Phoenix, AZ.

When we understand more deeply who we really are—and not just understand it mentally but actually have the capacity to physically BE all of it—what happens is you witness the world as Heaven, you start witnessing the world as Heaven, you walk around like the world is Heaven, and nothing actually changes in the world.

You change you, the world around you changes. ~Jennifer  (Tweetable)

You’ve heard that a million different ways, and there are quotes from different people and all that kind of stuff. But tonight what I want to demonstrate to you is how physiologically and scientifically that is absolutely the deepest truth. You are much bigger than you think and how you experience life is upgradable in a big, big way.

The results of that upgrade are things like fluidity with everything and everyone; transcending the need to be triggered by any circumstance or any person at all; you wouldn’t be interested in seeing yourself as broken and trying to fix yourself anymore; all you’d want to do is create; all you’d want to do is expand what’s possible for you.

That’s all you’d want to do. And for the world. You’d just want to create stuff.

You’d just want to keep finding possibilities and expanding into those possibilities. You wouldn’t be interested in fixing stuff constantly, fixing you, fixing everything, fixing those around you. It’s sort of like our solution from the point of view of a world where there are limited resources is that there’s lots of stuff broken and it needs fixing, and until we fix it, we won’t have Heaven. You know, we don’t even consider that maybe there’s another way to Heaven, and that it isn’t by observing ourselves as broken and needing fixing.

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