“Put the stick down to make way for miracles.”
~ Jennifer Hough

I am surrounded by guidance; immersed in it, in fact. And I know you are, too, but in a much more direct way than you think! Nature breathes out what we breathe in, in total abundance: You did nothing but be alive to deserve your share of air today. That is how life works; it is your birthright, in fact, to receive without needing to be “enough.”

Our bodies are constantly in feedback mode… telling us if we are aligned with our greatest life of flow and fulfillment.

And, I AM SO CLEAR THAT MOUSE IS CONSTANTLY GUIDING ME. Here are the little tidbits he taught me from last night.

  1. He has no question of his lovability! He knows that consciousness loves him, and then acts that way around people. His actions are consistent with, “Eventually you will succumb.” Witness my assistant, who “isn’t a dog person,” but she is a Mouse person.
  2. He relentlessly champions his vibration, and knows what he desires. He will literally play with his own ball by tossing it in the air. He enrolls Adam in playing every night.
  3. He knows when to let go of trying hard to accomplish his goals (e.g., someone to play with him), and the results eventually are what he desires, or better.

So today, I thought I’d pay Mighty Mouse forward to you!

I’ve had to drop a few bones in the last 24 hours.

Fortunately Mouse was there letting me know that it’s really not that serious; nothing is, even the serious stuff.

I remember my sweet Angel dogs, Emerson and Zack before that, both passing away, and they knew before it happened. They were completely fine with it, as though it was just a natural part of their existence.

Imagine living in that amount of neutrality. It’s true for all of our dear pets.

A deep lesson from dogs that I see so often (like on “Pitbulls and Parolees”) is that they have so much grace. There is always room to recover from not being loved, or being abused. If you consistently show them, almost without exception, they will drop their protective mechanisms. They let love win.

Here’s to learning from dogs, or as I like to say, GOD spelled backwards.

With huge love,