“Witnessing disturbing human behaviour (YouTube, TV, FB, your life)  toward nature is only necessary until such time as we no longer need catalysts to prompt us to come from our hearts again. Change yourself, change the world. ” J. Hough

We are just completing our magical journey to Thailand and we heard many stories at the sanctuary about the abuse of elephants….. similar to breaking a horse, except you can only imagine what you would have to do to an elephant to do that.  This is not new to me. We’ve all heard stories and seen TV about mistreatment of race horses, dolphins, greyhounds and so on.   How do we reconcile the way we’ve treated other living things?

Mother and child elephantHere is what I’ve been shown.  Consider that the degree to which human beings still need contrast is the degree to which we witness inhumanity to each other and nature at large.  The solution is always to find our own Awakening, to find reverence for ourselves within nature.

Fully realize the privilege it is to be alive, then pay it forward by being willing to be seen, and inspire others to become the same kind of leader, simply by courageously being yourself.

When we (human beings) feel out of stress and survival mode, we can then allow ourselves to see what’s possible and dance with expanding Heaven.  This is the whole reason we do what we do in the world.  So happy you are in our world.

Isn’t it great that it is within your power to change the world by changing your world?  We are a fractal of the whole.

Jennifer Hough Girl

Love and hugs,

– – – – – – – P.S.
Here is a wonderful group empowering young people to be the change in Thailand: www.bluestarofhope.org (our new friends Donovan and Juelle)