“Do you want to be constantly on guard for something to worry about, or do you want to simply learn how to live an expansive life? Look at where your energy is spent, and you’ll know your answer.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

I was speaking with a wonderful friend the other day, and she was having some issues, and not having so much fun. She is a busy woman with clients, family, and a business.

She had started feeling tired, a little listless, and was trying to convince me all the while that we need to warn our children and students that sometimes life is brutal.

In response, I said, “Well, if we did that, they would be on guard for misery and they would find it. They’d also start feeling tired and listless. Instead, why don’t we share the following with them:

1. That change is inevitable, it will happen often, and it all makes life an adventure.
2. That struggle is a sign they are being re-directed to change in some way.
3. That if they learn the skills to thrive, they will shine a bright light, and know that some may be bothered by that.
4. That they may occasionally have to mourn their old selves, but it will pass gracefully if they don’t judge it.
5. That they are to keep shining their light until they light up as many people as they can. Especially the bothered ones.”

She became silent… or at least her Ego did. She’s been having a great week ever since and said; “Thanks for reminding me that it’s a privilege to be alive!”

Love and more love!

P.S. Oh, and let’s remind our children to find friends who will always remind them of a deeper truth, when they forget… (Yay for them… and you know who you are!).