“True comfort comes only when you have a love affair with change!”
Jennifer Hough

I spent the earlier half of my life thinking that “getting somewhere” and proving myself were the purpose of life. And it all had to happen within the realm of maintaining my personal comfort. All I can say is that there was a lot of effort involved.

Recently, someone posted a meme that had growth and comfort sitting across from each other, with a thought bubble that said, “This just isn’t going to work out.” I got inspired to take it a bit further…

Neither growth nor comfort are the purpose of life

Growth, however, is inevitable. We were born to create and expand upon what has come before us. Therefore, we must inevitably grow to fulfill our mission as humans; to create and expand.

The illusion most people hold true is that if we can just get every part of our lives to be predictable and in control, then we will be comfortable (as though that is the aim). This is the definition of survival.

Consider that the entire fabric of life is built on change, evolution and creation.

Stay curious on the adventure, or you will be going against the fabric of life itself. Trying to make it all stand still in some way is the basis for struggle.

Embrace the adventure! Fall in love with the unknown, as though it’s your access to life force.

Because it is.

With love,