“Freedom is dancing with everything, while being pulled by nothing. Freedom is the ability to dance with anything, while being fully present to all of it in neutrality.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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As we move deeper into 2017, and in the spirit of our Get Out of Your Own Way™ program that starts this weekend, I wanted to share a powerful Activation with you from our Quantum Wake-Up Calls™ last week. It was so juicy that the Team and I thought, “Okay, this one has to be shared!”

This is an Activation that will assist you when you feel yourself being triggered by people or situations. Please pass it on if you think it would help someone!

I also wanted to share some new things:

1. FACEBOOK LIVE: Every Wednesday at 8:22AM – 8:33AM ET, I am doing a Facebook LIVE with anyone and everyone who wants a weekly reset. We do it from http://www.facebook.com/wideawakening, so make sure you put it in your schedule!
It’s my gift to humanity. Our next Facebook LIVE video will be about getting clarity around the difference among your instincts, your “yes,” and your fears, so you can stay in your flow!

2. JOIN THE COMMUNITY: If you are on Facebook, we are expanding consciousness together on an awesome group page, called TWA Playground, where all of y’all are meeting with our whole Team, and we have a(an) :
*Question of the week
*Awakening book list
*Awakening movie discussion
*Discussions about paradigms that are shifting in economics, physics, our lives, and these crazy shifts…
I’m loving it!
*Join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/twaplayground/

Thank you all for passing along all the workshops we did about Abundance. Sharing is how we get the word out. If you have not signed up for Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Success and Abundance, may I suggest, from the deepest part of my heart, that you check it out: https://www.thewideawakening.com/getoutprogram. This will change your life, as it has mine. I’ve been working on it for a year. Don’t let that little voice get in your way… and, if you need a different payment plan, simply email Sonia at [email protected]

Love and hugs and enjoy the reset!

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Staying in Neutrality

If you would, close your eyes for a moment. Not because you need to close your eyes, but because the distraction of the things around you can pull you away, and this very exercise is about the opposite. So, we want to shut down that particular sense which might distract you, by closing your eyes. You still have many other senses available that could distract you; that’s why we want to get comfortable.

Bring your consciousness once again behind your eyes, back into your body. What that means is that your consciousness isn’t out there about the dinner you have to make; your consciousness is not out there about your desperate need for love, and what you need to do in order to get your lover’s attention. Your consciousness isn’t out there worrying about the election; your consciousness isn’t out there worried about the environment. Your consciousness right now is not any of those places.

To have access to all of the resources of the entire Universe, a human being must take their consciousness behind their eyes, and allow themselves not to be pulled by the wantings of circumstances, or other people, while maintaining a connection to “there’s always a way.” And, as you sit in that space, right now it would seem, “well, I’m going to have to be doing this every thirty minutes or so…,” but the truth is, by opening the portal of doing this right now, we are creating the potential, and we speak this out loud, so that you can go on this ride with your compatriots here. We are speaking the potential that you could walk around present to everything, but pulled by nothing. As your default way of being. Present to everything, but pulled by nothing. Able to dance with anything, being present to all of it. And being able to maintain a sense of reverence for life, a modicum of neutrality, and a curious spirit.

Curiosity can displace fear; willing it to go on the adventure can displace fear; curiosity is an excellent way. When there’s no attachment to be the eye of the storm. Giving from your heart in a way that impacts other human beings profoundly is an excellent way to get perspective and be the eye.