“The feeling that it’s all too much is not because you are failing, it’s because you want to maintain control.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

You know, right now things are happening so fast for Adam and me. I am having to let go of how relationships look, how work looks, how our programs look, and so much more. Life is asking me to just give up control of both the speed and direction of the adventure. Instead, I get to practice the mastery of the dance with all of Creation. The fear is then replaced by wonder… when I remember it’s an adventure…

This is what I do know. This is the fast track. Control is over-rated. And it is friggin’ scary to the Ego (but not to my heart). And, if we all jump into this amazing dance together and blossom forth in the new ways, means and paradigms of this expanding Heaven, the old density, drama and struggle don’t stand a chance.

Love wins! Yay!!!

With cosmic hugs…


P.S. Yes, even the stuff you think can’t be transcended will be… don’t leave a sister hangin’ now!