“Keep your vision in front of you and let the polarity
catalyze your passion, rather than divide you from others.

Jennifer Hough

I remember thinking to myself in high school, and until I was about 44 years old: “Hey, where are the people who get me?” Paradoxically, I didn’t realize that needing to be “seen” or “gotten” was really just me chasing my own tail. We all change so much every day, every hour that, honestly, that would be a full-time job.

HOWEVER… there are some characteristics that I have noticed in those with whom I love to play, and I wonder if you have, too?

– A willingness to be self-responsible

– An appreciation of the magic of humor

– A willingness to let go of beliefs, in order to allow oneself to love and be loved more

– A generous heart

– A curiosity on this adventure called Life (about our magical nature in every respect, and how we can love Life more!)

– A yearning vulnerability in conversation, with a willingness to share successes, ideas and fallibility (rather than just small talk)

– A yearning to get the most out of this Life

What I was really searching for were people who were as curious about Life, intimacy, health, and making a difference.

People who wanted to go on the adventure down the wormhole of curiosity about fluidity, flow, and the magic of becoming more and more wizard-like… all while experiencing a deep abundance of things that matter, like love, connection, vitality, and of all things good.

Fitting in became overrated.

If people are true to their hearts, a lot of other hearts will resonate. That means, if they let their hearts be seen powerfully, while not letting fears dominate, change can happen.

There is a lot of fear out there. There is a lot of false leadership out there, preying on people’s fears. Even marketing is often done from that perspective.

Be “FOR” something, instead of against others. Likely you will find other people who don’t need the fear of “losing” what they treasure in order to fuel their passion.

If you resonate, you are likely part of a very big SOUL FAMILY, developing right now, that is “FOR” our collective communion for good, rather than “against” another human being.

Keep your vision in front of you. Let the polarity catalyze your passion rather than divide you from others.

Eventually we might realize that we (at some level) were always each others’ Soul Family.

Seems a long way off… but the alternative is to give in to fears. And that sounds like a world I don’t want to live in.

Big love,