“Here’s to the flow…”


Last Sunday, I took off and played with some new friends from out of town, at my favorite waterfall in the Asheville area.

I had so many things I “ought” to have been doing. My hubby was recovering from surgery, the garden wasn’t planted… the list was endless.

Believe me when I say the decision to go hiking was not some haphazard one; I had been lost in over-extending my energy for a while. I really needed to go and play because my body was screaming at me. Even as I was hiking with my new friends, I took off on my playmates and climbed the waterfall, while they took these pictures.

It was a remembering.
Remembering how much beauty there is out there.
Remembering the flow of nature and how I am part of her, not here to control her.
Remembering that so much beauty is possible when we let go of pushing.

I got so much from our hike! So much fun, love, eye-candy, joy… and it was all so priceless. I brought that abundance back home with me, and I drove the LONG WAY on the twisty, windy roads through the mountains just so I could stay in the receiving vibe.

If I drove home on highways, it would be to “get somewhere.” And that was the energy I wanted to shift.

WHAT IF it’s not about taking a vacation from struggle and pushing, just so you can go back to it!

WHAT IF it’s about bringing the vacation home.

CASE IN POINT: I found out that the roads were packed on the highway! And, I made it home an hour earlier taking the “joy road home,” and got three things done that I’d been putting off all week, just because I was overflowing with creativity and energy.

And, ultimately, it was just a juicy reminder that HELLOOOOO – SLOWING DOWN IS SPEEDING UP!

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed playing out there! Sigh…

With love,