From the Wide Awakening Monthly, Sept. 13, 2014

Should we bring attention to the MORE DENSE AREAS OF LIFE or not?

MAYBE WE CAN THINK ABOUT IT DIFFERENTLY… because we are leaders of the Awakening shift.

It’s fascinating to see the opportunities that are arising from the questions of our TWA participants for whom I am so grateful.  We get to have these kinds of conversations as a result.We sent out an Awakening email last week, as we do every week and it was about the idea that every time you see “Approved” on the debit or credit card machine screen, imagine that it’s the Universe, not the bank, reminding you that you were long ago “Approved of” because you’re here on the planet, aren’t you?
You exist. What a fun game! Imagine what that does energetically to bring congruence forward and retroactively to the banking system, as a bunch of Awakening leaders infuse a new understanding into their version of the word “Approved”.  Nice, huh?
I had a wonderful and powerful email response from someone questioning the idea of somehow making it okay to play with the whole banking system that is so dense. Here is part of my response:
“It’s like those who have been through a tough time with religion, using the word God on purpose… as they come back around to understand Creation differently with more Truth of what Creation/God is. WHO BETTER TO CHANGE THE ENERGY OF THE WORD GOD than the people who have full-circled their relationship to God?”I was an accountant and an economist and truly this works for anyone who uses a credit card or debit card, not just economists.  If we use it in a different light, then what happens is that all the way back to the ancestry of what created the banks and all the way forward to the future, when we are free from the greed and oddness that created the current system, our willingness to bring love and a different energy to that entity is a powerful agent of change. And that is exactly why I don’t leave out any aspect of humanity from our emails, including the dear banking system!
Oh, intimately understanding the system in a way that you can imagine (I see it holographically, from a million feet away), I feel and experience most of the incongruencies on this planet…………so it is with GREAT deliberateness that I share this particular Awakening message with everyone using the example I did — banking.
The more leaders shifting the system, the better……
P.S. Hey wanna play the game of being reminded by the banks that we are all Approved and loved by the Universe, including the people at the highest levels of finance? I love flying under the radar and shifting the system. Every little bit counts.  I almost forgot; there are over a billion bank transactions a day in North America alone.  Maybe it’s not such a little bit!

Care to join me?
Muah and hugs,

Jennifer Hough xoxoxo


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