“Is it Possible to Awaken? Is Enlightenment the Aim of Life? ” – Jennifer Hough

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Photo:  Jennifer Hough

Dear You:

IS IT POSSIBLE TO AWAKEN; IS ENLIGHTENMENT THE AIM OF LIFE?  I don’t know why so many of my friends and colleagues have written about this subject lately, but I am inspired to share.

HERE’S MY ANSWER:  NO; well, sort of.

Now I could just leave it at that, but allow me to expand.

Listen, I’m a fallible human just like the rest. I burp, I fart, I worry about people liking me sometimes, I catch myself judging, and then stop, I have times where I get so frustrated with humanity, I react and then stop. I have definitely had times where I would rather not play on this planet anymore. When people forget that they are magical and capable of great things, they do incredibly mean, seemingly power hungry, things. As I like to say, they become a divine child of an infinite Universe carefully disguised as an A-hole.

Here’s why I say “sort of”:

First, the idea of enlightenment can become pretty insular and self-centered. In fact, there are many teachers I have met on my journey who most certainly were enrolled in the enlightenment olympics. Trying to ‘out wisdom’ each other. Attempting to ‘out pedestalize’ each other. So the concept of pursuing enlightenment is not one that I find helpful for humanity. Even if it were a helpful idea at one point, there are too many now that have messed up its definition.

Second, you cannot Awaken; you can only be in the process of Awakening. There is a choice to go on the journey. What journey, you ask? The journey of discovering how humbling it is to be alive, how magical we truly are, how much love. We have the potential of emanating, and how much we can be called by something greater. Not to mention, how creative we can be. But that is constantly expanding, so it is not static. Going on the journey of Awakening requires a skill set, and a relentless commitment to discover the deeper truths that guide us to a fulfilling life.

Third, what is the point of it all anyhow? Why would we do anything to Awaken to ourselves? Well, because when we die the only thing we care about is how much love we emanated through our service, creativity, and connection with others. It isn’t about YOU. It was never about YOU. It’s not about YOUR Awakening. It’s about your journey, within the greater matrix of what’s possible where your (and my) journey contributes to what’s possible for others. It is sacred, it is hard, it is inevitable, it is humbling, it is to be shared.

Fourth, the Heaven within does not mean always being happy. It means having a rich, meaningful life connected with one’s Source. It means being vulnerable to infinite wisdom, and to those who would be brave enough to attempt to “see” you… including yourself. That is not always fun or easy. But, it is rich and meaningful and I would not give it up for anything. It is my journey with you, for you, for me, for our children, and for human evolution. My truth may not be yours, but I bet it will catalyze something within you, if I share it and if you don’t judge, and vice versa.

Finally, it isn’t about enlightenment or being Awakened; it is about fluidity on the journey, sharing what we learn, creating upon what has been like never before, going places we have never gone, technologically, biologically, physically, communications-ly (see, I was just ironic), heartfully, environmentally, communally, societally and so forth. We cannot do that unless we go together, and the only way to do that is to be naked and afraid and sometimes boldly speaking relentless personal truths; vulnerably with each other, knowing that no one is wrong; they are simply where they are at. They are either a personal catalyst or a personal inspiration.

We are all being called home.

We can do it with humour or seriousness… no judgment

We can do it quietly, or out loud… all good

We can do it with assistance or without… as needed

This is the inspiring part of it all.

That if you choose to be brave, and engage the future that is calling you forth, a few things will occur, or at least they have occurred for me.

The time it takes to get out of contrast decreases from years, to months, to weeks, to hours, to minutes, to seconds. Sometimes you don’t even notice you moved through hundreds of old paradigms while you slept. The time and skill you develop around living in your presence, is heightened… and the more you practice, the easier it gets, until much of the time, it becomes your new normal.

You lose interest in judgment of yourself and others, as you become a master bridge builder. Bridge building becomes all you want to do. But, first you have to learn what that entails.

If you get cocky, don’t worry, the Universe will knock you down a notch and you get to remember again. Just let yourself remember more quickly each time.

Make the point of your life to be yourself, instead of trying to be safe and comfortable. At least that way one of you is happy.

Make a point of remembering that every act is either a cry for love or an act of love. Keep checking in to see what’s going on around you.

Make the point of your life connecting with those whom life brings you. Instead of only the ones who uplift you, it’s going to take all of us. Stop carrying people. Just do the work, so whatever comes your way, you can show up in your heart.

Make a point of appreciating all of it, instead of just what you perceive is good. It’s all happening for you.

Then pass it all on. That’s it.

Let’s just throw out any language that causes the enlightenment olympics (thanks, Will Linville) I’ve had enough polarity and divisiveness in the last few years; haven’t you?

Time to build some bridges instead of walls.

With love,

Jennifer Hough

Author, speaker, and Awakening Coach Jennifer Hough offers some practical steps to help you step into all the possibilities that are available in 2018!