“If you forget that life is supporting you, and the Universe has your back, Overwhelm is inevitable. Willingness, humility and receptivity are the remedies for the affliction of Overwhelm.”
Jennifer Hough

It’s so interesting to watch this world wake up. At the same time, all of the drama and polarity that is coming up can be so overwhelming.

The thought crossed my mind today that we can either be victims of reality, or we can ignore reality, or we can actually change reality. We create the reality we want to live in. My sweetie said today that so many people he has worked with as a chef, were victim leaders… instead of forward creators.

I get how it can feel like life is taking us over sometimes. And, if you have done any work with us, you know that thriving is possible, regardless of surrounding circumstances. In fact, an inspiring life is often catalyzed by the incongruence around us.

Here is a little video I made about transcending Overwhelm. In this video, I shared two of the most important skills that I use every day. Lately, I’ve determined that there are at least 12 important skills to have if we want to live in Overflow, instead of Overwhelm.

I also talk about the energy of this new year, and thoughts about this idea of “Age of Aquarius.”

It’s so important to get out of the way of our greater wisdom, so we can move forward with clarity individually. Let’s create the world we want to see… together!