Oh, I surprised myself big time!

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“Fitting in with the entire Universe is so much easier
than fitting in with other human beings;
less effortful, and way more fulfilling.

Jennifer Hough

Once upon a time, I was teaching a Get Out of Your Own Way™ course in a land far, far away (in Stouffville, Ontario, LOL).

We were in a big circle in a room with 20-foot windows, in the forest with 20 other journeyers. I asked the question, “Why are you here?”, and we heard from each participant until we got to the 19-year-old who asked me, “Why ARE YOUUUU here?” in Get Out.

The words that came out of my mouth shocked me. “Because I didn’t want to feel alone anymore,” and in my head I thought, “Oh my gosh, you are so selfish… you brought these people here so YOU wouldn’t be alone? Seriously?”

But it wasn’t that. The clarity came fast and hard. It was that I was so tired of feeling the separation of humanity as a whole, and my heart felt called to find our way home to each other again, by finding our way home to ourselves.

The big joke, of course, is that later in that same program, I realized something much deeper. I realized that belonging is a perfectly sane goal, as long as we are not trying to belong to each other, be acceptable to each other, or be approved of by each other. That just ends in co-dependence, and it isn’t love.

THE ONLY BELONGING that actually matters is the feeling that comes when you catch up to the idea that all of consciousness is on your side, while you lean in to becoming a unique expression of Creation in Human form in all your glory. That’s the heart’s calling you feel all the time.

You were born to “fit out” in humanity and, by definition, that has you “fit in” with your greater wisdom, the Highest version of yourself and the world of humans who are finding their way to a new tomorrow.

Since then, I just feel in awe of life and people… and my heart has grown many sizes.

The practical piece is that I am consistently clear about what I am guided to do every day, and if I am not, I just rest in that same sense of awe, and the answers come. My actions are guided by why I am here.

I wake up inspired almost every day, and if I don’t, I know exactly what to do.

Fitting Out to Fit In, and waking up inspired while being clear with your heart’s calling, is exactly what the next Get Out of Your Own Way™ is about on October 30, 2021.

IT IS AN UPGRADE to all we’ve done in Get Out, based on the crazy times we live in, and the brain bridges and Activations that are waiting to assist us all to flourish!

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DATE: October 30, 2021

With love,

P.S. AGENTS OF AWAKENING: If you are a part of that community already then, of course, your participation is free!

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You were not born to fit in with anyone else…

You were not born to fit in with anyone else…

I wanted to share with you how grateful I am to my colleague Shannon, for my new favorite question:

“What is the most fulfilling thing I can do, with the least amount of effort, that uses my abilities the most, while making the biggest difference and has me waking up inspired every day?”

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It never gets old!

It never gets old!

What a day full of rain showed me as I walked up to the top of a hill to do my daily evening practice…

Once I was at the top of the hill, I noticed in the distance were the mountains to the left and clouds that had spent a whole week here, were moving away. The sun was peeping through as it was going down. The rays of light were spectacular on the mountains.

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A little tree shaking…

A little tree shaking…

I used to be VERY teacher-like (my Mom was a teacher, so I come by it honestly).

I was just used to it; I never questioned being that way. However, I didn’t realize what it cost me, and that was MY POWER.

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