“Everyone around you has their connection to their Higher Levels, their Guides, their Angels… to the Universe, and they would feel that connection most when you love them without carrying them.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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love not carrying

Dear You:

How does one show love? For the majority of people, this involves worrying, stressing, and wanting to “do” for those they care about.

The problem with this? When we spend our time trying to “fix” the stresses our loved ones face, we send the message that our loved ones are “broken”. This does not honor us, nor does it honor them.

This is not love, this is carrying… and carrying helps no one. In fact, it often makes matters worse.

Do you want to know how to move from carrying to love?

Watch here…

With an open heart,


Love, or Carrying?

Hi! It’s Jennifer again! Listen, I was just talking to one of my friends, and she’s really sick at home; really, really sick.

She had gone out with her kids and it was cold, and they were at the fair, and it was cold.

She got a little run-down, and took it wisely as time to take care of herself, but she was surrounded by one of her dear ones, who was stressing out about his mom, and there’s just a lot going on over there. And, my wonderful friend has such a big heart that she, like many other people, has confused carrying with love, or worrying with love. Very much like when I had a powerful conversation with my mom when my mom had breast cancer.

I asked her, I said, “Mom, you’ve got to get rid of some stress in your life.”

And she said, “Well, Jennifer, it’s my job as a mother to worry about you; it’s my privilege; it’s my honor.”

And I thought, “Wow! I understand what you’re saying, and I love you, but, in fact, by you worrying about me, you’re actually saying to my multi-dimensional self and all of consciousness, that I don’t have the same tools or the same connection to my Infinite Wisdom as you do. That I don’t have the same capacity to connect.”
I said, “Doesn’t love just equal love?”

And she laughed, and she said, “Oh, Jennifer, you’re so frustrating!”

And I said to her, “Mom, listen. I have to tell you that you can worry about me, or not… that you have total free will. But I love you, and you love me, and you can guarantee that I am listening with every cell in my body to what would be in the highest, always, for me. I am doing what I need to do, and if I’ve ever led you astray as to anything else, then just know that by you letting me go to do what I need to do, I am actually now able to more fully access all the wisdom that I need.”

So, with my friend, it got worse. She actually got sicker, because she was trying to do work with us (she works with TWA) and she started to try to do work.

Yeah, that didn’t go that well.

And then, on top of it, she started getting phone calls from her boyfriend about what’s going on with her future mother-in-law, who’s 92… she started worrying, not even worrying, just even putting an ounce of her attention into considering what’s going on with them, and worrying and seeing how she could assist, and it’s just how she’s been wired.

The cool thing is, the conversation we had, and this is where I’d love you guys to listen close, because this was life-changing for me, for sure…

That those people, everyone around you, already has their connection to their Higher Levels, to their Guides, to their Angels, to the Universe, to God, to life itself, to quantum physics… I don’t care how you language it… and life is going to show up for them, too, and they’re going through huge catalysts, and they don’t need people to be involved in their storm.

They don’t need to give their power away, because what happens is that takes them out of their own eye, the clarity, the eye of the storm, it takes them out, because they say, “You be the eye of my storm….” They give their power away.

What’s really important is, “Be the eye,” but bring your consciousness behind your eyes… bring your consciousness behind your eyes… And view that storm over there with your heart, and ask yourself, as my lovely team-mate Dave says, “Is there something to listen to to assist, is there something to do about it, or can you actually jump in and….” Is there’s something to listen, there something to do, or something to actually tell the other person to do.

And you’ll notice that more often than not, there’s really not a lot for you to do or say. Sometimes there’s just “to listen,” but understand that they are over there with their Guides and Angels, and they have it… and as soon as you give them their power back, I promise you, if you can wait it out and just allow them their journey, it’s going to be magical what happens before your eyes.

And, at first, it takes some practice; it’s a muscle, especially if you’ve been someone who’s equated love with carrying.

Alright, that is the message for now… Giving you great big hugs.

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Alright guys, love you lots [blows five kisses] all over your face!

Talk to you soon!