From the Wide Awakening Weekly, March 25, 2015

“Freedom and jail are states of being. The difference is that owning your freedom will be felt as a gift by those victimized by life.”  Tweet me!
~ Jennifer Hough

Hi there,

If you fight for freedom, I wonder if it is the consolation prize? How do you get out of ‘jail’?

Is life all about asserting that you are free? Is life about taking action that shows everyone that nobody and nothing is the boss of you? Or is life actually about assuming your sovereignty and then acting accordingly by emanating your magnificence within the silly system that is breaking down (regardless of state, church, taxes, banking and all of it)?

Often times in programs, people will share things like:

“Well, I’m working and doing something I don’t love and I am not sure how to change what I am doing for a living. Can you help?”

My answer is consistently the same. If seemingly nothing new is presenting for you, then possibly it’s time for you to radiate light, to be yourself, to speak who you are with heart and wisdom where you currently reside. You are a bridge. It’s time for you to have the courage to be you regardless of your circumstances……even if it is uncomfortable. That is true freedom. It is only the personality/ego that “wants what it wants… to be comfortable or perceptively happier”. Consider that your reason for being on the planet AND being called to actions that might feel uncomfortable is part of breaking free of the egoic wantings. The ‘being here’ is about fulfillment.

I am reminded of the book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. This was someone who did his experimenting from a middle eastern prison. They did not give the prisoners enough water and he became fascinated by this so he kept his mind engaged. He acted from his innate freedom, and he actually changed the world with his book…….he certainly changed my world, and set me free. If he did not say “yes” to his circumstances, the world of biology and nutrition would not be the same. The Universe knew the information had to get out there, and that his book was a most powerful way to shake trees regarding water. He remembered that we are already free….that freedom is not based on circumstances, that freedom is completely based on whether we know ourselves to be a function of the Universe, of Creation, a child of an infinite wisdom. Imagine what it is to totally be dreamed by life through our hearts, and taking all action from that place.

Remember that freedom may sometimes look like staying in the ‘cubicle’ while, at the same time, emanating so much love for humanity. Of course sometimes it may also be in the highest to leave the place you are working…. just don’t be so quick to judge where you are. You do not need to wait for anyone else’s agreement that your path, your words, your way of being is okay… that too is a jail. You need no outside validation…..the affirmations come from the feeling of fulfillment from the love you are being. Those that are thirsty for someone to be themselves, when the world is still caught in entanglement with societal ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’, are looking for a new way. You are the very permission you seek to be yourself….and that you feel the urgency to radiate, is the calling from all the people waiting for you to do so!!

With love,


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