From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Wednesday, September 23, 2015

About my neighbor, Don… and blueberry pie.

“The more you enjoy your life, the less the judgments of others matter. The less you make the judgments of others matter, the more you can see to enjoy.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

Hi there,

After a magical time in Bimini with such beautiful souls, I was confronted with a bit of a challenge to my knowing. It was definitely an uncomfortable feeling, and it can be disconcerting when that happens sometimes, can’t it?

I was feeling off and unfamiliar, and as I was returning home, I came around the corner and saw my 70-year-old neighbor, Don, mowing my lawn and trimming my hedges. Don doesn’t mow the lawn just for me, but he does it for whomever is in need, because he is simply a lovebug. Later, I brought him a blueberry pie, and told him what it meant to me to see him.

Life can sometimes question our faith, and, at the same time, if our eyes are wide open, there are a million more examples of the miraculous and supportive nature of life; such as flowers, beautiful gardens, dogs, hugs, sunsets, and someone mowing your lawn.

Oh, and emails from the heart…

Love to you,

Jennifer xoxo

Keep creating forward: the alternative is neither faster, nor funnier, when it comes to your Awakening.